Bigscreen is preparing a Gear VR launch soon

One of the big things mobile VR headsets like Google Daydream and the Samsung Gear VR get used for all the time is watching stuff. Google makes it easy to watch things in your Play Movies library, while the Oculus Store has a wide array of popular video streaming apps to choose from. One of the more impressive video apps separating the more expensive "desktop" VR setups from the mobile experiences has been Bigscreen. This app allows for multiple people to watch something together, and has recently started acting as a large virtual cinema for big groups of people to watch movies together as though you were in an actual theater.

If you've been waiting for Bigscreen to come to your small screen, it looks like you won't be waiting for much longer. In fact, if you are up for an early look at the experience you can sign up for beta access today.

What makes Bigscreen so impressive is how much you can do with it. On a PC you can share your screen with other people sitting in an impressive variety of virtual rooms. This allows you to play games together, share work with one another, or just kick back and watch something together. The app has anti-harassment tools baked in for people who get a little too close for comfort or are just plain loud, and you have a lot of control over where you sit and how big your virtual displays are. It't not clear exactly how functional the mobile versions of this app are going to be, but even as a passive observer to a lot of these experiences it's a great addition to mobile VR.

The beta sign-up for Bigscreen includes questions about which VR headset you currently own, a list which currently includes everything you can buy right now and the upcoming Oculus Go headset. This means there's a good chance no matter what mobile VR headset you have, once the developer sees there's an audience there you can bet Bigscreen will be headed your way soon.

Sign up for the Bigscreen Beta here!

Russell Holly

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