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Launcher Pro and Launcher Pro Plus are easily some of the most popular alternative launchers for Android. The developer has been iterating at a fast pace and has integrated some awesome features into the product. A big announcement from him today hints at big changes in the future.

The developer, if you aren't familiar, is Federico Carnales, who is very accessible and has been working extremely hard at Launcher Pro. 

To sum it up, here is what he said:

  • Launcher Pro is based on the stock Android 2.0 launcher
  • The stock launcher was not developed to support some of the iterations that Launcher Pro has introduced, such as the ability to have seven home-screens
  • Due to this, he has decided to throw out the current version and develop Launcher Pro from scratch

This will allow him to have more control over the app and have an easier time implementing some of the features he has his mind on. According to the announcement, this change will result in:

  • Improved speed
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Increased flexibility (adapting to other devices, like tablets)
  • Cleaner code to allow more features
  • The bug fixes that haven't been addressed yet

Those of us who have purchased Launcher Pro Plus will not have to pay for the app again. The new version will simply replace it. No date has been set, but don't expect anything too soon, it's a huge job. Nevertheless, Launcher Pro users should be excited at this announcement, as it will only result in a more functional app. [LauncherPro]