Best Waterproof Smartphone Pouches in 2022

Mpow floating pouch
Mpow floating pouch (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android CEntral)

Whether you're off to a wet and wonderful vacation in some tropical locale or just want to go swimming in a pool, a waterproof pouch is an easy way to protect your phone from electronics' biggest enemy: water. IPX8 cases are widely prevalent and come in many styles, colors, and sizes to accommodate phones both big and small. Since they're usually big enough for a driver's license and some cash, too, they quickly go from unitasker to waterproof mini-purse. Whatever you're looking for in a waterproof pouch, you can probably find it in one of these.

Important things to note

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A few notes about using a waterproof phone pouch with your Android phone:

  • You should always test the seal of your waterproof pouch by putting some tissue paper in it, locking it secure, and then submerging it underwater for at least 30 minutes. Better to discover there's a manufacturing flaw with a test involving some paper than at the beach with your smartphone.
  • You can't use a fingerprint scanner through a waterproof pouch. Be prepared to unlock your phone via password or PIN, or use Smart Lock to keep the device unlocked.
  • While most newer pouches allow you to use your touchscreen to an extent, it doesn't work well (or at all) while you and your pouch are entirely submerged. If you're going to be taking photos underwater, set your camera to use the volume buttons to take pictures.
  • Most waterproof pouches are secured to a lanyard using a "Quick Release" mechanism that will detach the pouch if someone yanks it or it gets caught on something. If you don't want that, get yourself a durable paracord carabiner you can snap onto your belt instead.

Keep the water away from your phone

It used to be common sense to keep your smartphone tucked away while around bodies of water. These days, people need to have their phones on them at all times. And if that includes time spent on a boat or at the beach, then you're going to want a waterproof pouch on hand to prevent any water damage from spoiling your vacation. Even if your phone is rated waterproof, it's still useful to have some added protection anyway via a pouch.

Our top pick is the Mpow two-pack, which is an excellent option for groups or families with teens who need their phone with them at all time. Mpow's products are reliable and easy to use, although you'll want to take care not to stretch or rip the vinyl since that will affect the product's ability to seal properly.

I have used Mpow waterproof pouches on two recent vacations to caribbean resorts and they worked perfectly. I loved that I could take my phone in and out easily when needed (as opposed to with a fitted case) and it was easy to type short messages and take photos.

However, I also love that the Hiearcool universal waterproof pouch has a pretty large interior that can accomodate other items, not just your phone.

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