Best Thin Cases for Huawei P30 Pro Android Central 2021

The Huawei P30 Pro is one of the coolest new phones released in 2019, offering an outstanding telephoto camera thats all packaged within a very stylish design. It's the type of phone that you'll simultaneously want to show off and protect from damage, and a thin case is one of the best ways to accomplish both of those goals.

A clear winner: Spigen Liquid Crystal

Staff pick

Not only is the Spigen Liquid Crystal case a thin, one-piece case made of TPU, it's also perfectly clear, letting the design of the P30 Pro shine through. Spigen's cases are reliable and rugged, featuring extra protection in the corners where it's most important. This is one of the best options for the P30 Pro.

$12 at Amazon

Rugged and transparent: Ringke Fusion

Right alongside the Spigen in terms of reliability and design is the Ringke Fusion. This is a two-piece case that combines a TPU bumper with a more rigid PC panel on the back that offers better protection. It's also available with a smoky black bumper that looks pretty sharp, too.

$12 at Amazon

Clearly offers the best value: EasyAcc Ultra Thin Crystal Clear

Minimalist and thin, this is another great option for anyone wanting to keep your P30 Pro protected without distracting from the look and design of the phone. EasyAcc offers protection for the display and camera bump with a flexible TPU case that's easy to install and it basically blends into the look and feel of your phone over time

$9 at Amazon

Thin and rugged: Spigen Rugged Armor

A great case from Spigen that we highly recommend is the Rugged Armor. While its design may not be the flashiest around, the Rugged Armor does the basics really well at a price you'll love. The TPU design offers great protection, the button covers are very tactile, and Spigen's Air Cushion Technology keeps the phone safe from even the nastiest of drops.

$13 at Amazon

Straight from Huawei: Huawei Official Silicone Case

Huawei offers a couple of official cases that fit the theme of this list, although they are also the most expensive options on our list. Branded with the Huawei logo in the same location as the logo appears on the P30 Pro, this stylish silicone case is minimalist and thin and guaranteed to fit the P30 Pro perfectly.

From $20 at Amazon

More texture for grip: Huawei Official Black Carbon Case

If you love the texture of carbon fiber, you'll love the design of this official case from Huawei. It's another thin and minimalist case with a slightly more grippy texture on the back that also offers enhanced protection. It's a very stylish look that's also branded with the Huawei name.

$20 at Amazon

Nothing thinner than a skin: dbrand Custom Skin

if you're after the thinnest protection for your P30 Pro, you should consider a skin from dbrand. You're able to create your own custom choosing between 34 different color and texture styles for both the back of the phone as well as protection for the glass around the camera lenses. A great option if you missed out on the more fun colors for your P30 Pro.

From $13 at Amazon

Slim and cheap: MoKo Crystal Clear Cover

MoKo is best known for making budget cases and this ultra slim clear case is the best value available for the P30 Pro. It's a two-piece case that combines a TPU bumper with a scratch-resistant PC backplate that combines to provide worthwhile protection at a great price.

$8 at Amazon

Thin and basic: EasyAcc Matte Finish Cover

Often times cases have a glossy finish that can be somewhat distracting or show scuffs or scratches more easily over time. EasyAcc offers a minimalist case in all black with a matte finish that looks and feels quite nice. If phones slipping out of your hand a top concern, a matte finish is probably the right call for you.

$9 at Amazon

The best thin case is a clear thin case

You may have noticed that the first three cases on our list are all thin, clear cases. That's no mistake — given how gorgeous the P30 Pro can look in Breathing Crystal, Pearl White, Aurora, Amber Sunrise, or even the standard black there's no reason to cover it up with an opaque case if you don't have to.

I personally recommend the Spigen Liquid Crystal for the P30 Pro. It's the case I use and it provides just enough protection around the camera (very important) along with a ridge to protect the screen when the phone is face down. For rugged protection, I got to stick with Spigen and recommend the Rugged Armor, which happens to be one of the best case styles that combine slim and rugged design practices.

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