Best tempered glass screen protectors for the HTC 10

Tempered glass is about four times stronger than regular (annealed) glass, making it an ideal choice for screen protectors. Rather than shattering into jagged and potentially harmful shards, it breaks into small, relatively harmless bits. So, if you have a tempered glass screen protector on your HTC 10 and, for whatever reason, it breaks, the bits won't scratch up your screen.

It can be difficult to figure out which screen protector is the right one for your HTC 10, which is why we've rounded up some of the best available.


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HotCool's tempered glass screen protector is tough to withstand big time abrasion without getting scratched, scuffed, or pitted, while maintaining all of the HTC 10's screen sensitivity. It cuts down the glare on your screen, giving the impression of sharper images and clearer text, since light isn't messing with your view.

There is a rounded design so that it doesn't block the front camera and other important sensors on the front of your phone, so keep in mind that all of the glass on your screen isn't covered, though those spots are minimal and shouldn't really affect the overall protection.

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Mr. Shield

Mr. Shield, that's his name. That name again is Mr. Shield. Offering a lifetime replacement warranty and two to a pack, Mr. Shield throws ultra-thin into the mix as well. These tempered glass screen protectors are 0.3 millimeters thick, which means you'll have optimum sensitivity and high definition at all times.

Again, the cutouts are all accurate and the rounded edges means you won't slice your thumbs on the edges where your protector ends.

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With so many phones now having curved screens, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find a screen protector that doesn't suffer from the "halo effect" where it starts to peel up all around the edges of your phone.

Supershieldz, like other screen protector manufacturers, makes their protector a little smaller than the actual screen size, so that you're not getting that ugly lifting at the edge — your protector actually stays on your phone (apparently a key factor in screen protection–who knew?!).

Just like the other tempered glass screen protectors in our roundup, Supershieldz maintains and slightly enhances the high definition of your HTC 10's screen, while also maintaining all of the touch sensitivity.

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Omoton claims to have the thinnest tempered glass screen protector in the world, at 0.26 millimeters thick. That's a whole 0.04 of a millimeter thinner than the rest!

All that means is that Omoton offers a crystal clear protector that won't hinder any of your HTC 10's sensitivity and won't affect the resolution of your screen in the slightest. It also claims to be fingerprint-resistant and uses an adhesive that promises not to leave any bubbles during installation.

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G-Color provides another great oleophobic option, which means you shouldn't have to deal with smudges or fingerprints with the screen protector applied. As with all the other tempered glass screen protectors, you'll get great scratch protection for your HTC 10, and should be a quick and easy bubble-free installation.

It's all backed by G-Color's no-hassle lifetime replacement warranty, so you can buy with confidence.

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Keep in mind

Most tempered glass screen protector manufacturers will claim that their products are rated "9H" on the pencil hardness scale, which is a way of measuring the durability of a particular coating. "9H" refers to how hard the pencil lead (graphite) is. Something that is rated 9H means that the hardest pencil lead out there won't leave a permanent mark. That doesn't say much about the material's resistance to dents or pits.

Tl;dr? Don't pay any attention to this 9H rating; it's virtually meaningless.

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