Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors For Honor 8

The Honor 8 features a crisp 1080p 5.2-inch display that you'll want to protect from scratches and drop damage. Tempered glass screen protectors are hands-down the best way to protect the glass on your phone.

The issue here, along with screen protectors for many other phones, is with the slight curve along the edge of the Honor 8's screen. You'll never quite get full screen coverage with a Tempered glass screen protector on a curved screen. Even still, investing in a $15 screen protector on day one could save you from having to shell out to replace a cracked screen sometime down the line. Silver lining to the lack of edge-to-edge protection, they should pair well with all sorts of cases for your Honor 8.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here are some of the best options for protecting your Honor 8 screen — and even a bonus protector for protecting the glass on the back!

Nillkin H+Pro Anti-Explosion Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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This screen protector from Nillkin comes with everything you'll need to clean your screen and get a perfect application the first time. It advertises itself as "anti-explosion" (insert Note 7 joke here), which means that even if (or when) the screen protector shatters, the shards won't go everywhere thanks to a thin film along the surface. A good feature to have considering the precision cutouts near the top the front-facing camera and ear speaker.

With 9H hardness and 2.5D edging to provide maximum scratch protection and comfort, and an oleophobic coating to help prevent fingerprints and other dirt, this screen protector will keep your Honor 8 looking good.

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J&D Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Honor 8

Two screen protectors are better than one, because it's always good to have a backup in case your primary takes the brunt of a fall.

It's hard to find significant differences between screen protectors, but J&D's tempered screen protectors feature a cutout along the top that goes under the camera and ear speaker. That's either a positive or negative feature depending on your perspective — either you don't like that there's less screen coverage, or you appreciate that there isn't a tiny bridge of tempered glass around the ear speaker that will likely be the first part to break. Both protectors included here come with hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating and the standard 9H surface hardness you'd expect from a tempered glass option. When you consider the cost and the fact you get two screen protectors for under $10, this is a great deal.

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Ultimate Shield Black Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Ultimate Shield's tempered glass offering for the Honor 8 features a colored border at the top and bottom especially match whichever color of the phone you own. We've linked to the black option below, but it also comes in blue and white as well. The kit includes a microfiber cloth, wet cloth, and dust stickers to ensure you get a perfect installation. Cutouts around the camera and ear speaker along with a window around the Honor logo at the bottom should help with lining things up during installation.

Based out of the UK, Ultimate Shield boasts free shipping worldwide on all orders.

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SANMIN Tempered Glass Back Protector

Given that the Honor 8 features glass on the front and back, you're playing with fire if you don't put a case on it. However, many people simply prefer the 'naked' look for their phone.

With the SANMIN Tempered Glass Back Protector, you can add some extra protection to the back glass of your Honor 8 without having to compromise the sleek look and feel of your phone's design. At just .33 mm thick, this is an ultra-thin sheet of glass that features cutouts around the fingerprint sensor and the cameras and flash. Just like the tempered glass protectors for the screen, this won't exactly reach to the very edge of the curved back panel of glass, but it will prevent fingerprints and dirty smudges with it's oleophobic coating. Paired with a screen protector on the other side, your Honor 8 will be secretly protected from cracks and scratches.

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Protecting curved screens

As we mentioned, tempered glass screen protectors can't go edge-to-edge on phones with curved glass screens. Given the choice, which do you prioritize more: sleek style, or rugged durability?

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  • I'm kind of interested in the Honor 8. Just curious, how much is Huawei paying to be featured in so many articles and contests?
  • It's part of their American campaign. Don't be so concerned.
    Also, the Honor 8 is a great phone, you should poke around the Honor 8 forum sometime.
  • I get that Huawei is paying to be featured on the site. I'm just curious, how much?
    I like the Honor 8 and would probably go for it if the Dev community gets a AOSP or vanila android ROM out for it. EMUI is so awful that it just ruins an awesome device like this one.
  • Ohh okay. Honor actually has a partnership with XDA so that makes things more promising probably. I think EMUI is to each their own. To me, it's not so bad. There is a Stock theme too, and there's already a ROM to restore the phone back to normal there. i'm not big into that kind of customization but it is cool that i have been able to change my font systemwide. I don't know where you are in the world, but if you order from Honor directly, you have 15 day return policy, and with B&H Photo, 30 days so you can always give a try if you want and if you don't like it, just return it.
  • I'm planning to return it but not sure what else to get, What I don't like is that is to fragile, no gorilla glass, it SO slippery, that is just not funny, and when you open the box there is a registration for a 3 month safety in case you brake the front screen :o Common really... This to me means this phone will not last more than 3 months...
    So what other phone could I get??? in the same price range, the killer for the one plus 3 is its inability to expand its storage
  • Sleek style for me. I hate the halo effect on phones so having that kills the whole aesthetic of the phone. No glass screen protector for me. I have an "HD screen protector" and it's been pretty good.
  • I already have a tempered glass screen protector on my Honor 8... but where it doesn't meet the curved screen is just getting filled with fluff and bits :( I think I'm going to have to resort to a regular screen protector instead!
  • Who cares about this honor 8 nonsense!!!!!.......I wanna soda!!!!
  • I bought my tempered glass from eB@+ for $4 bucks. It comes with three sheets and it's oleophobic. Very happy with it. I have it for two of my phones.
  • Keep reading it as "bad tempered" !
  • How do you make the determination of which is best without actually using any of them?
  • It comes with a free replacement with zero deductible out of box for Three Months. Also, Rich Brome from Phone Scoop says screen protectors are a scam. And I agree.