Best Sleeves for Google Pixelbook Go Android Central 2021

The Pixelbook Go was long overdue. We were waiting to see how Google followed up after the release of the Pixelbook back in 2017, and the company didn't disappoint. This 13.3-inch Chromebook comes with an array of configurations to help you get your most important work done on the go. However, while you are traveling, you need to protect your investment. We've found the best sleeves for the Pixelbook Go!

Bellroy Laptop Sleeve - Google Edition

Made with Google: Bellroy Laptop Sleeve - Google Edition

Staff Pick

Bellroy is well respected in the accessory community for its high-quality products designed with your specific device in mind. For the Pixelbook Go, Bellroy and Google paired up for this "Google Edition" Laptop Sleeve. It offers a microfiber inner lining, a magnetic closure at the top, and a three-year warranty in the event anything goes wrong.

$50 at Amazon
AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve 13.3-inch

Bare essentials: AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve 13.3-inch

You would have better luck finding a category that AmazonBasics didn't have some type of offering in. The AmazonBasics 13.3-inch Laptop Sleeve is a no-nonsense sleeve that comes in five different colors, and sports a zipper for quick access to your Pixelbook Go.

$11 at Amazon
Tomtoc A15 Laptop Sleeve

Leather and felt: Tomtoc Slim Laptop Sleeve

When it comes to laptop and tablet accessories, Tomtoc is a company that continues to impress. With the Tomtoc Slim Laptop Sleeve, you get a combination of felt and PU leather to keep your Pixelbook Go protected, while still ensuring it looks good in the process.

$20 at Amazon
MOSISO Water Repellent Laptop Sleeve

No water allowed: MOSISO Water Repellent Laptop Sleeve

Our devices are so expensive that it can truly pain us if we were to get caught in a rainstorm with out devices. The MOSISO Water Repellent Sleeve offers three layers of protection with a spill-resistant polyester outer shell, a shockproof spong in the middle, and a soft plush material on the inside. Plus, this sleeve comes in more than 30 different designs to match your style or mood.

$14 at Amazon
Lacdo 360-degree Protective Laptop Sleeve

360-degrees of protection: Lacdo 360-degree Protective Laptop Sleeve

Accidental drops are bound to happen, but if you have a sleeve like this one from Lacdo, you can rest a bit easier. This sleeve offers 360 degrees of protection, has an extendable hand strap on the top, and even an extra pocket for something like your Pixelbook Go charger. You also get six different colors to choose from, allowing you match the sleeve to your own style.

$17 at Amazon
AmazonBasics Felt Laptop Sleeve

All felt: AmazonBasics Felt Laptop Sleeve

Felt sleeves and cases are underrated due to their lack of protection, but these sleeves offer enough protection to get you through the day, while protecting the Pixelbook Go from scratches. The AmazonBasics Felt Sleeve comes in two colors, three different sizes, and includes a velcro strip to keep the sleeve closed.

$13 at Amazon
Tomtoc A17 Laptop Sleeve

Sleeve and briefcase: Tomtoc 360 Laptop Sleeve Bag

Sometimes you need just a little bit more than just your basic laptop sleeve, and that's likely the case with the Pixelbook Go. That's where the Tomtoc 360 Laptop Sleeve Bag comes into play: it's a combination of an ultra-protective laptop sleeve and a briefcase. There is a retractable handle at the top for easy traveling, along with two large front pockets for various necessities that you may need.

$27 at Amazon
MoKo PU Laptop Sleeve Cover

All leather: MoKo PU Laptop Sleeve Cover

Who doesn't love leather cases? The MoKo PU Laptop Sleeve gives you that leather look and feel while also providing a professional look when carrying the Pixelbook Go. This sleeve offers a built-in card slot and a thin outer pocket for any papers that you need to bring with you.

$17 at Amazon

Find the best sleeve for the Go

There are a lot of different laptop sleeves that could be used with the Pixelbook Go, but our favorite is the Bellroy Laptop Sleeve - Google Edition. Having these two companies work together on a sleeve designed for the Go is fantastic, and you get the three-year warranty from Bellroy in the event something goes awry. Plus, it comes in two different colors and has a "smart" magnetic closure to keep the Go secure.

For those who don't care about having the "high-end" accessories but just want something that works, look no further than the AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve 13.3-inch. This sleeve offers a slim-fitting design with a single zipper to quickly take your Go in and out throughout the day. There are also five different colors to choose from and you can even go a bit bigger if you want a little bit of extra space.

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