Best Screen Protectors for TicWatch S Android Central 2021

Protecting your TicWatch S and its screen is a big deal. A good screen protector will prevent damage to your watch by being scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and more. Looking after your watch doesn't just protect your product, but it also extend its life. The longer your watch lasts, the longer it will be before you have to reach into your pocket and buy a brand new one.

Supershieldz screen protector

The shield you need: Supershieldz TicWatch S Screen Protector

Staff pick

The Supershieldz screen protector has a coating that protects against sweat, oil residue, and water. It also comes with rounded edges, ideal for those who would prefer comfort for the hands and fingers. It's also scratch-resistant as well as rainbow-effect and bubble-proof, meaning not only will your watch be able to withstand against sharp objects but you'll be able to look at it with 100% clarity.

$7 at Amazon
IPG screen protector

Virtually invisible: IPG TicWatch S Screen Protector

The IPG screen protector is virtually invisible, allowing you to see what your watch is displaying on the screen with zero difficulty. It also provides self-healing abilities, meaning that scratches on the screen will slowly repair over time. You won't have to worry about fall damage either, as the screen's impact force distribution lessens the impact, no matter how or where it is dropped.

$9 at Amazon
Addprime screen protector

For both E and S: AddPrime TicWatch S Screen Protector

This TicWatch S screen protector from AddPrime doesn't just fit for your TicWatch S, but a TicWatch E too — ideal for those who wish to share their screen protectors with others. The AddPrime screen protector is also waterproof, anti-fingerprint, and has a 9H hardness rating, making it effective against scratches from items such as keys, knives, and hard bumps that may be caused by drop damage.

$10 at Amazon
Ace Armorshield screen protector

Self-healing magic: Ace Armorshield TicWatch S Screen Protector

This six-pack of screen protectors uses a unique, flexible film that conforms to any curvatures of your TicWatch S for a more comfortable fit. It's also bubble-free, allowing you to take advantage of the 99.9% clarity and still see everything you need to see on your watch. It also comes with a self-healing feature, allowing the surface to remain smooth and scratch free by healing over time.

$7 at Amazon
Orzero TicWatch S screen protector

Water and scratch resistant: Orzero TicWatch S Screen Protector

The Orzero pack comes with a dust remover, screen wipe, and dry cloth for simple, clean installation. Its toughness makes it effective against particularly sharp objects like keys, and the anti-fingerprint coating makes for a smooth and comfortable glass touch without affecting touchscreen sensitivity. The thinness also helps with making the screen feel less bulky.

$7 at Amazon
Akwox scsreen protector

A perfect fit: Akwox TicWatch S Screen Protector

The Akwox TicWatch S screen protector is laser-cut to precisely cover the screen of your watch without making it hard to use. However, the liquid solution included in the pack does allow for readjustments during installation if you make a mistake. The body of the screen protector might be thin, but it's highly durable and completely scratch-resistant against sharp objects as well as being 99.9% transparent.

$6 at Amazon

Optimal protection

When you invest in a reliable screen protector, you'll be able to use your TicWatch S without living in fear that it'll be scratched or otherwise damaged. We highly recommend the Supershieldz TicWatch S Screen Protector for superior protection. In addition to protecting your screen from damage caused by various sharp objects, it also has a protective coating to prevent sweat, oil, and water damage. Not to mention, it's also rainbow-effect and bubble-proof, which guarantees you'll have a clear viewing experience.

Another great option is the IPG TicWatch S Screen Protector, which is ideal for users who don't want their original touchscreen experience to be compromised at all. The IPG screen protector is practically invisible, so your display will remain crisp and clear. It also offers self-healing abilities, so any existing scratches will slowly heal with time. You'll have adequate drop damage protection, too. Most importantly, you'll have peace of mind knowing your TicWatch S is fully protected from all harm.

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