Best Replacement Keyboard for Your Kano Computer

Sometimes your keyboard breaks, which is also known as the worst thing in the entire universe. Well, no need to worry. These are some great replacement keyboards that'll help your Kano Computer to shine in the way it deserves. These keyboards will be compact and slim, wireless and completely easy to set up. They also won't be lacking in quality, so you'll definitely not have to worry about that.

Keyboards with touchpads

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Keyboards without touchpads

Okay, so you've got your keyboards with touchpads. But what about if you don't want a touchpad included, and just want a regular wireless keyboard for your monitor?

So now, not only do you have a range of quality keyboards with a touchpad, but those without a touchpad too. It's up to you now whether you'd like the best of both worlds or not. The one keyboard that stands out for me, however, is the Logitech Wireless K400 with its smooth interface and a built-in touchpad. All of the keyboards included here have their own fantastic qualities: silent keys, portability, slim and stylish, as well as putting comfort first. No matter what, you'll find something here that will appeal to you.

Aimee Hart