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The latest device from OnePlus has arrived, and that means it's time to find the best OnePlus 8T cases. There aren't that many options available just yet, but there are some pretty great ones that will pair quite nicely with the latest OnePlus flagship. Some cases accentuate the design, while others harken back to the days of yore. You can even skip trying to find one of the best OnePlus 8T screen protectors, as one case includes screen protectors in the box.

OnePlus 8T Sandstone Case Render

From the beginning: OnePlus Sandstone Bumper Case

Staff Pick

If you're a fan of OnePlus, then you know about the deep-rooted history of the Sandstone material that was used on the OnePlus One. Although that is not available on the OnePlus 8T, the company does offer a classic Sandstone Black (and Cyan) cover. This gives you a fantastic feel in the hand while keeping your new phone protected.

Luibor OnePlus 8T Silicone Case Render

Everything you need: Luibor Silicone Case w/ Screen Protectors

Those wanting to get a case and screen protector that they know will work together will enjoy the Luibor Silicone Case. In addition to the clear TPU case, you'll also get three tempered glass screen protectors, so that every inch of your new OnePlus 8T is covered. And you'll still be able to show it off, despite wanting to use a case.

$10 at Amazon
Spigen Ultra Hybrid OnePlus 8T Render

Clear backplate: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

With the Spigen Ultra Hybrid, you're able to show off your affinity for the 8T's design, without sacrificing protection. The case is wrapped in a TPU bumper for superb shock absorption, while the polycarbonate backplate helps to keep everything in place.

$14 at Amazon
GESMA TPU Case OnePlus 8T Render

Necessary grippiness: GESMA Anti-Slip TPU Case

Instead of adding a bunch of bulk, the Gesma Anti-Slip Soft TPU Case focuses on not slipping out of your hands instead. This slim case comes in three different colors, along with an anti-slip matter material.

$9 at Amazon
OnePlus 8T Quantum Bumper Case Render

Inner CPU: OnePlus Quantum Bumper Case

Instead of just offering the Sandstone and Karbon cases, OnePlus changed it up with the OnePlus 8T thanks to its new Quantum Cyborg Cyan Bumper Case. This case makes the back of your phone look like a circuit board, powered by OnePlus with the logo in the middle. As for protection, OnePlus made this case from TPU, which is great for shock absorption while maintaining a slim profile.

$45 at Amazon
OnePlus 8T Karbon Case Render

Low-profile and lightweight: OnePlus Karbon Bumper Case

Almost as iconic as the Sandstone material, the Karbon Bumper case has been available for just about every OnePlus device. The trend continues with the OnePlus 8T, as the Karbon Bumper returns, offering more protection than the rest while providing a sleek carbon fiber look.

$40 at OnePlus
Osophter OnePlus 8T Silicone Case Render

Thin and colorful: Osophter Flexible Transparent Case

If you don't want a boring old clear case and want to add some color to your life, then the Osophter Clear TPU Cover is perfect. The case comes in three different colors, but we are infatuated by way the purple to blue color transitions from one corner to the other. Plus, there's increased protection around all four corners, along with a cutout for the mute switch and tactile buttons over the Power and Volume buttons.

$8 at Amazon
Otterbox Symmetry OnePlus 8T Render

Added protection: Otterbox Symmetry

If you want the most protection and are trying to find the best OnePlus 8T cases, you can stop searching thanks to the Otterbox Symmetry case. With a combination of TPU and polycarbonate materials, this provides a great one-two punch in the fight against drops and damage. Otterbox has even included an anti-microbial additive to help defend against "common bacteria".

Spigen Tough Armor OnePlus 8T Render

Familiar ruggedness: Spigen Tough Armor

For years, the Spigen Tough Armor was the de-facto case choice regardless of what device you owned. With the OnePlus 8T, the Tough Armor makes its return, providing an all-new foam technology for an added layer of shock absorption to go with the combination of TPU and polycarbonate materials. And yes, there's still a kickstand on the back for those times you want to prop up your phone.

$17 at Amazon
Shields Up Wallet Case OnePlus 8T Render

Necessary grippiness: Shields Up Detachable Wallet Case

For some, wallet cases are an absolute necessity as it allows you to carry only the essentials and get rid of those Costanza wallets. The Shields Up Wallet Case works magnificently, as you'll get three card slots, including one with a window, plus there's a pocket for cash or receipts. But the best part of the Shields Up case is that you can detach the phone from the wallet when you aren't out and about.

$13 at Amazon
PULEN Ring Case OnePlus 8T Render

Necessary grippiness: PULEN Metal Ring Bumper Cover

PopSockets are cool and all, but you may not want to deal with installing it for one reason or another. The PULEN Bumper Cover takes all of the pain away as it features a built-in Metal Ring which works as a kickstand, along with including magnets for those who want to use a magnetic car mount. Plus, PULEN includes a tempered glass screen protector for both the front display and rear camera module.

$10 at Amazon
Poetic Affinity OnePlus 8T Render

Necessary grippiness: Poetic Affinity

When it comes to Poetic cases, these are usually some of the bulkiest options that you can find. However, the Affinity cuts down a bit on the bulkiness and just adds the perfect amount of protection in the places that matter, like the corners. All four corners are reinforced, which work with the "Inner Buffer Zone" to absorb shock and anything else that may happen to your OnePlus 8T.

Get the best OnePlus 8T cases

If you're someone that likes to feel nostalgic and loves the OnePlus 8T, then you won't be disappointed with the Sandstone Bumper Case from OnePlus. This case feels just like the old days of the OnePlus One, provides enough protection to get you through the day, and all of the cutouts are precisely cut. Plus, there's a Cyan color option for those who want the Sandstone feel with a bit more personality.

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One of the pains when it comes to finding a case is that you likely want to find a screen protector to go with it. But, not all screen protectors and cases are made to work together, which is why we recommend the Luibor Transparent Case. Not only are you getting a solid TPU case, which offers great shock absorption, but the company also include three tempered glass screen protectors, so you know everything will work well together.

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