The best microSD cards for the HTC 10

One of the best features of any Android phone that's lucky enough to have it is expandable storage. The launch of Marshmallow saw Adoptable Storage come into play, wherein your microSD cards become a part of your system to seamlessly expand your storage rather than act as a separate partition.

Adoptable storage can bring some headaches if you don't have the right microSD card. You need something blazing fast and of course reliable; otherwise, the card could go and take your whole system with it.

That's why we've rounded up some of the best fast microSD cards out there, so that when you bring home your HTC 10, you're not wondering where to turn for extra storage.

The best microSD cards for the HTC 10

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SanDisk Extreme 64 GB

SanDisk Extreme

SanDisk long has been the go-to for expandable storage cards and there's a very good reason for that: they're great.

The SanDisk Extreme line is where it's at if you're looking for an SD card to use in your HTC 10. It's lightning-quick, with read speeds up to 90MB/s and write speeds around 48MB/s, and has no trouble with 4K video, so anything you shoot on your HTC 10 won't be an issue.

This is an excellent card for performance and it's relatively easy on the wallet, starting around $30.

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Netac Pro 128 GB

Netac Pro

Netac isn't a huge brand, but it does offer some great microSD cards. Their Pro line is just what you need if you're considering expanding your HTC 10's storage the adoptable way.

It's got read speeds of up to 80MB/s and write speeds of up to 40. Again, it's relatively easy on your wallet, starting around $40.

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Samsung EVO Plus 128GB

Samsung EVO+

Octuple your HTC 10's memory with a 128GB microSD from Samsung. The Plus line almost doubles the transfer rate of regular EVOs at 80MB/s. Even if you hate Samsung phones and are an HTC die-hard, don't discount their peripherals. These are solid cards that pack a performance punch.

If you're looking for an SD card that's super quick and is super-compatible with just about everything, then this is the one for you. Worry-free and quick like a bunny.

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PNY U3 Turbo Performance 64 GB

PNY Turbo Performance

Turbo by name. Turbo by reputation. The PNY Turbo Performance brings speed and reliability into the fold with a 90MB/s transfer rate and a lifetime warranty. Like all the cards mentioned so far, the Turbo is waterproof, magnet-proof, shock-proof, and temperature-proof. It won't let you down on a frigid winter day and it won't let you down if you drop it in the dog's water dish when you're trying to install it.

The PNY Turbo Performance is a stellar card that'll only cost you around $20.

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SanDisk Ultra 200 GB

SanDisk Ultra

Your HTC 10 can support up to 2 TB of external storage, so we may as well get as close as we can with a microSD card. The SanDisk Ultra is one of the quickest and most reliable cards around and 200 GB helps take up a nice big chunk of that 2 TB, so if you're going to use it as adoptable storage, you'll be incredibly hard-pressed to fill it up (depending on your habits, of course).

These suckers are pricey, so if you can get them on sale, jump on it; they can run up to $250.

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