Best Cordless Circular Saws Android Central 2021

Cordless tools offer you a lot of versatility and maneuverability on whatever job you are using them on. While you can buy them with or without batteries, this list all has a battery included. After all, unless you have been collecting them for a long time, you are likely going to need new batteries.

DeWalt with bag

Best overall: DEWALT 20V MAX

Staff pick

When looking at an overall best product, the cost vs. the features is one of the critical points. The DeWalt Max is a workhorse with a five amp hour battery and charger in the set. The 5,200 RPM motor is powerful enough for any job, and the big battery should last you all day too. The blade has an excellent 57-degree tilt available for beveling as well.

$200 at Amazon
The best Makita bundle

My favorite thing: Makita XSS01T

While this isn't the best overall because of the price, it is my favorite saw of the bunch. Makita makes excellent tools that last a long while, and this saw is no exception. This set comes with two five amp-hour (5Ah) batteries for maximum usage time, and the build quality is outstanding. If you have the money, you should consider this.

$314 at Amazon
Budget Friendly

Best budget option: BLACK+DECKER 20V

For those of us who need to pinch the pennies, but who need a saw that will do the job, the Black + Decker 20v is a great deal. The high-torque motor is backed up by a two-year warranty, which is excellent and at this low price and supplies you with a battery that works across the whole Black + Decker range. It's the batteries that cost the most after all, so getting one cheap is a big help.

$58 at Amazon
Double trouble

Heavy duty: Makita XSH06PT1

If you are in construction, especially house building, sometimes you need something with a little more firepower than the average DIY user. The Makita XSH06PT1 is a monster that is so powerful it uses two 5Ah batteries to run the 6,000 rpm motor. It can cut 640 cross-cuts per charge, almost triple anything else here, and with the power charger, those batteries can charge three times quicker than average. This is a beast and is for serious people doing serious work.

$329 at Amazon
Helpful Ryobi bundle

Starter set: Ryobi P825

When I first moved to the U.S., I needed to buy some power tools on the cheap — moving continents is expensive — I picked up a set of Ryobi tools like this to help me until I could get a more premium set. It turns out, the Ryobi saw is still perfectly functional, without the need to upgrade. This set has the bonus of coming with a cordless drill to help you start your collection.

$115 at Amazon
Small but mighty

Mini but mighty: Makita SH02R1

Sometimes you don't need a tremendous hulking saw to get the job done. For smaller jobs, like flooring or roofing, you may want something with a little more control. This small Makita is perfect for those small jobs and uses the same powerful batteries that its bigger brothers use. Being able to use it safely with one hand is a huge bonus too.

$129 at Amazon

Cut the cord

There are a lot of cordless saws out there, but only a few different brands are established enough to guarantee access to the batteries for the of the tool. With the DeWalt 20v Max you have the security of knowing the company has been around for a long time and is well known for taking care of its tools for a long while. The saw is also that perfect balance of cost and utility.

I have to say though, I'm a sucker for a good Makita, and if you can afford to splurge a little more then either the XSS01T or the bigger, more powerful XSH06PT1 may be the right choice for you. The XSH06PT1 especially, has everything you need to make any project a breeze, and the four 5Ah batteries it comes with are worth the money on their own.

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