Best car mounts for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 mounted in a car
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 mounted in a car (Image credit: Android Central)

Don't be that guy (or gal) who's got their phone in their ear while driving at 60 miles per hour down the road. It's dangerous and you could get a hefty ticket — really. We mean it.

Stay safe while you're driving and use one of these car mounts with your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 instead.

Logitech Drive One-Touch Smartphone Car Mount

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If you drive more than one vehicle regularly, then take a look at Logitech's Drive car mount.

It has a suction cup that you can attach to your dashboard or the windshield — a single twist mounts and unmounts it — no screws or sticky adhesive residue to worry about.

What's more, you don't have to fumble around with latches or brackets — the Drive secures your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 using magnets. It comes with magnetic adaptors that you stick on the back of your phone or case. Once you've attached one of the adaptors to your phone, just place it on top of the mount and drive. It's that simple.

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Tylt VU Wireless Charging Car Mount

Take advantage of the Qi wireless charging capabilities of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and enjoy hands free functionality at the same time with this car mount from Tylt.

You have the option of securing it to either your dashboard or the windshield, depending on which location works the best for you. Its Micro-Gel suction cup will stick to most surfaces and it supports landscape and portrait orientations. Since it uses three charging coils, it will charge your device no matter how it sits in the cradle.

Another nice thing about this mount is that it has an extra USB port so that you can charge two devices at the same time. If your friend's phone is running low on juice, it's no problem — they can charge it while you carpool.

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ProClip Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Phone Holders

ProClip car mount

ProClip has car mounts for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in just about every situation you can think of.

Strong and durable, all ProClip car mount configurations are made from high-grade ABS plastic — known for staying glossy and resisting scratches.

The mount itself supports viewing your device in landscape or portrait orientations and your phone will slide in and out of the mount easily. You'll never have to worry about fumbling with your phone while you're in the car again.

Whether you want a mount with a phone charger or one that will work with an Otterbox Defender case or both, ProClip has you covered.

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Kenu Airframe+

Kenu Airframe+ car mount

The Kenu Airframe+ works well with larger phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 because it has a spring-loaded jaw that's expandable up to 3.4 inches. Even if your phone is in a heavy-duty case, it will still fit on this mount.

It fits securely in your car's air vents, so there are no screws and no adhesives to worry about. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, and when you're not using it in your car, it transforms into a stand for your phone so that you can read or play games in comfort, no matter where you are.

This mount is adjustable and holds your device, whether it's in landscape or portrait mode, and you can change the viewing angle for ultimate visibility in the car.

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Ram Mount Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount

Ram Mount's Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount provides a strong and flexible solution for operating your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 hands-free in the car.

It attaches to either your windshield or dashboard with a suction cup and, like the Drive from Logitech, mounts and dismounts securely with a twist.

Using a rubber ball and socket system with two adjustment points at either end, its arm is very flexible — the positions you can adjust it to are almost endless.

Like the Kenu Airframe+, the Ram Mount has a spring-loaded holder that adjusts for a perfect fit around your phone, whether or not it's in a bulky case.

If you want a car mount that you can adjust to a tee and that fits your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 like a glove, then this might be the one for you.

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Logi ZeroTouch car mount and app

Logi, the company formerly known as Logitech, has created a unique smartphone car mount solution with its ZeroTouch mount and accompanying app.

The mount itself comes in two flavors: a dashboard/windshield version and an air vent version. Regardless of which one you choose, it secures your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with magnets, like its other car mount, the Drive.

The unique thing about this mount is that it has an app that you can download for free that helps you control your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with your voice.

Take a look at our review to find out more about the mount and its app.

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