Best Android games of June 2014

Another 30 days, another batch of excellent new Android game releases

We've gathered up yet another collection of the very Android games to come out over the last four weeks. Whether you're looking for a twitchy action title, or a slow, methodical strategy game, or a light, bite-sized puzzler, we've got a bit of everything. We've only got five to look through, plus we'll have another round-up for non-game apps. As always, our community tends to dig up some great finds too, so be sure to swing by the comments to find more.

Hitman Go

Hitman Go is fresh take on the classic assassination game for consoles and PC. Players control a piece representing Agent 47, an iconic character from their PC and console franchise Hitman. Players work their way around a diorama-style board, turn by turn, to eventually take out their mark. Enemy patrols move after you move, and combined with special tiles for hiding and bonus objectives, you'll find yourself in some very tricky situations. The stiff, plastic art style and physics, soothing music, and smart, classic puzzle gameplay combine to make a really memory experience.


Kiwanuka is an imaginative puzzle game where one staff-toting wizard is guiding a large troupe to the end of a treacherous path in order to free one of their brothers or sisters. The core mechanic to accomplishing this is creating tall towers of followers standing on one-anothers' shoulders, and tipping them over to cross gaps, and allowing the others to cross. Don't try to find the logic there, you won't find any, but it's pretty fun to watch, especially since the art style adopts this super-flat, polygonal look. If you're looking for an extremely fresh puzzle game, try Kiwanuka.

  • Download: Kiwanuka (opens in new tab) ($2.99)


VVVVVV is low-fi platformer made by the creator Super Hexagon that really screws with your sense of gravity. Players are guiding a spaceship captain through a bizarre alternate universe after being sucked into an anomaly and having his crew scattered. Instead of jumping up over threats, players reverse polarity of gravity so they fall towards the roof or back to the floor. Every game screen is another section of a massive, sprawling play area, each with its own unique challenge and clever name. Scour every nook and cranny to rescue your shipmates and figure out a way of getting out of this bizarre place. Besides a truly unique take on classic platforming, VVVVVV has [an absolutely stellar 8-bit soundtrack]. If you want to get a sample of the gameplay, be sure to snag the free Super Gravitron game (opens in new tab) that was launched alongside VVVVVV.

  • Download: VVVVVVV (opens in new tab) ($2.99)


Blek is a puzzle title that has been earning accolades from all over for its wonderfully fresh mechanics. Players are presented with a series of circles that have to be popped before moving onto the next stage. Black spots are peppered in between; touch those and you have to start over. The way you hit those targets is by tracing a single gesture on the screen which is then repeated on its own over and over after you lift your finger. The line can be as simple as a short swipe that continues moving forward, but more often then not you'll have to get pretty creative. Between the absolutely organic control scheme, otherworldly sound effects, and flat, minimalist cleanliness of the graphics, Blek is surely a game you won't soon forget.

  • Download: Blek (opens in new tab) - ($2.99)

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake!

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is a throwback to classic action RPGs like Zelda framed as a series of puzzles. Players switch between several adorably crude monsters with their own abilities to move and avoid obstacles and rescue delicious pieces of birthday cake. There's a village full of characters to talk to with their own unique personalities and stories. The art style is altogether whimsical (though potentially very borrowed), and simple tracing controls are well-suited for mobile. Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is colorful take on puzzle games with enough retro charm to keep older folks playing, and enough humor for the younger crowd too.

Honorable mentions

Your favorite Android game releases?

Obviously we only have so many eyeballs, and the Google Play Store is a big place. Leave us a comment with your favorite Android game that just came out this month.

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