Best Accessories for the LG V30

The LG V30 is the latest great phone that's got us excited. It's got all the features we love such as waterproofing, wireless charging, and a rad dual-camera setup — plus it just looks beautiful!

Here are some of the best accessories you'll find for the LG V30. We'll start out with some cases, then move onto some essential charging accessories and the like. Be sure to update this list as more accessories are released.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

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There are a ton of great case options out there for the LG V30, but if we had to recommend just one it would have to be the Spigen Rugged Armor case.

Made from shock absorbent TPU material with a matte finish and carbon fiber detailing, this case looks slick and keeps your phone protected without adding much bulk. Wireless charging should still work with this case on, and precise cutouts around the fingerprint scanner and dual-camera setup around back ensure that all the phones functionality is unimpeded.

Spigen's Rugged Armor case is always a reliable case option and is always a highly recommended case for any new device. If you want to keep your phone protected while keeping it looking sleek and thin — all for just $13 — nothing beats Rugged Armor.

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UAG Plasma Series Case

Part clear case and part rugged protection, UAG never compromises on the construction of its cases. Despite the premium materials and heavy-duty design, the case manages to remain feather-light while including thoughtful design elements like non-slip rubberized edges so your phone will never slip off a table when you put it down.

It's passed military-grade drop-test standards, but you probably won't be dropping it too often thanks to all the textures and edges for your fingertips to cling to. You can get the premium Plasma Series case for a premium price from UAG's website — yours for $40.

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Ringke Fusion Case

Looking for a clear case to show off your LG V30? The Ringke Fusion case offers a clear case design that doesn't skimp on offering protection.

This case combines a tough polycarbonate back plate with a soft and shock-absorbing TPU bumper. There are dust caps over the charging and headphone ports, and you can get yours as a crystal clear case, or with rose gold or black accents. This case starts at just $8 on Amazon, so it's also a great budget case option, too.

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IQ Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protectors (3-Pack)

The LG V30 has a sweet dual-camera set up and a nearly bezel-less 6-inch OLED display. You'll be able to take beautiful photos and then show them off — as long as that display glass stays intact.

IQ Shield has a great 3-pack of tempered glass screen protectors for the LG V30. It's been precisely designed to cover the entire display, with a small cut-out around the top for the front-facing camera.

All IQ Shield screen protectors are backed by a 100% hassle-free lifetime warranty replacement program, so you can buy yours for just $8 and be confident that your V30's screen will always be protected from harm.

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Samsung EVO+ 256GB microSD

LG has always been good about including storage expansion in its flagship phones, and that feature has been extended to the V30.

While the V30 can handle up to a 2TB microSD card, those don't quite exist yet. We're getting closer though, what with SanDisk releasing a 400GB microSD card soon.

Until then, your best bet for expanding your phone's storage is Samsung's 256GB EVO+ microSD card. Featuring read speeds of up to 95MB/sec and write speeds up to 90MB/sec, this card is plenty fast enough to handle storing all the photos and videos you take with your V30 while also letting you load up all your favorite media so you have your favorite music and movies with you on the go.

At $179, it might be too pricey for some, and that's ok. Check out our other microSD card recommendations for your Android phone.

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ONSON USB Type-C to USB A Braided Charging Cables [4-pack]

It seems like all the Android phone manufacturers are finally getting on board with USB Type-C, which is great not only for faster charging speeds but also because you can never plug it in the wrong way.

If you're in short supply of extra USB-C cables for around the house, in your car, or at the office, this set is sure to come in handy. You get four braided cables of varying lengths — one 3ft cable, two 6ft cables, and a 10ft cable. They're built to last and are backed by a 12-month worry-free warranty.

At just $15 for the 4-pack, you're paying just over $3 each for quality braided USB-C cables — you just can't beat that value!

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Anker PowerPort Qi 10 Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Speaking of charging, the LG V30 also supports Qi wireless charging.

Looking to keep avoid cables altogether and have your phone charged up and ready to go at a moment's notice? LG is supposed to be releasing a new wireless charging pad for the V30, but until then you should look into the Anker PowerPort Qi 10 Charging Pad. It's got a premium design with LED indicators around the edge and a non-slip pad so your phone stays put. It supports all Qi-compatible devices and also supports fast wireless charging, so you'll be able to get up and go further.

Anker is a trusted name in charging accessories and backs all their products with an 18-month warranty and great customer service. Get the only wireless charging pad you'll ever need for just $30.

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What are your go-to accessories for a new phone?

These are our recommendations, but we want to know what you buy for a new phone? Are you getting a V30? Let us know in the comments!

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  • LOL I know right! ugh
  • Manufacturers sign NDA's to have their products ready for sale when phones are available to buy. This is pretty standard practice.
  • When is the release date coming for gods sake? Tomorrow is Apples event, the Note 8 is out and here is poor LG lagging behind again. Too bad, they have a phone that can compete, but won’t because of timing. Maybe they’ll beat the next Pixel phones out? Tick tock.
  • Sept. 21 in South Korea, followed by North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
  • I will snag a grippy, luxurious leather snap-on back cover from and a tougher, clear TPU job for when I'm out an about on my bicycle or at an event. Perhaps a tempered glass shield and, likely, a wireless charging stand that tilts the phone towards me.
  • I can't understand how a phone without a release date has accessories made for it... Lol
  • They want u to buy the over priced crap so they can bank the money asap
  • I have a UAG case on my V20 and I love it! Expensive but worth the money. Protection but without the excessive bulk of cheaper cases. I have not taken it off since I got it.
  • The beat accessories for the LG V30 are putting the phone in stores and getting them sold! What is LG waiting for? You have to strike when the others are coming out. Samsung pre-orders are shipping already. Apple will probably have their phone in stores before LG and so on.
  • LG likes to make sure their competition sells well first and then they'll sell Why has LG not learned anything from last year? 🙄🤔
  • AC, you folks linked to the glass screen protector that clearly is based on the rumored version on the V30 -- there is no second screen and the front camera is not in the center at the top of the phone. You should remove it. That being said, I prefer Ringke cases and use their Fusion product on all of my phones. I've already ordered three Fusion cases for the V30 (2 for me and one for my wife).
  • Can we confirm that the fast charging will actually work on the V30? I for one was pissed after finding out that the G6 didn't have the hardware for fast wireless charging and as such my fast charging pads/pucks were more expensive but just as slow as old school wireless charging.