Smart business decisions can’t be made off intuition alone. Nowadays, you need to back your actions up with data, and one of the best tools to do so is Tableau. With Tableau, you can illustrate detailed business insights and share them with colleagues and stakeholders, making it a necessity for any successful business, and you can master this nifty tool for with Mastering Tableau Certification Bundle for $25.

The Mastering Tableau Certification Bundle features 5 courses on how to use Tableau to make educated business decisions. If you have no prior Tableau or data analysis experience, the first course you should tackle is Mastering Tableau: From Basic to Advanced. This course will walk you through the tool and teach you how to visualize data with bar charts, graphs and maps. You can complement your new skills further with Tableau 10 Business Solutions: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, which use video lectures to teach you data preparation strategies and how to use dashboards and storyboards to communicate your insights effectively.

Data rules the way businesses operate, so if you want your business to stay ahead of the curve, you’ll need to know how to use Tableau to make data-driven decisions. The Mastering Tableau Certification Bundle is currently on sale for just $25, or 96% off.

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