Banshee version 1.4 is now available and compatible with the G1 Android phone. It is an open source music player that will support playlists on your G1 and will even import music you have purchased from the Amazon MP3 store. It functions very similar to iTunes and will automatically sync your music library with your G1 mobile device.

Aaron Bockover, the lead developer of Banshee, claims that the Banshee/G1 combination delivers the same kind of music management experience as the iPhone. According to his blog:

"Because the Android platform is open source, I was able to easily figure out optimal ways of implementing Android/G1 support. For instance, I was unsure what the maximum cover art size should be on the device, so I just read the source. It was nice for once to not have to reverse engineer or guess!"  

At this time, Banshee 1.4 is available for Linux and Mac OSX only. Download it here and try it for yourself on your G1.

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