Hey Google, open the garage door! $50 Garage Door Opener

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Getting started with your Android phone (Welcome Droid Incredible owners!)

Getting started with your Android phone (Welcome Droid Incredible owners!)

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Hey everybody!  This week we're gonna go back to basics and show our support to those who switched over to Android by picking up the HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon.  Now I know a lot of this is common knowledge to you salty Android vetrans, but think back to the first time you put your mitts on a G1 or the Motorola Droid.  Hopefully, there was someone around to help you get acclimated...

Can you turn off the Sense UI on the Droid Incredible? Mmmmmm ... Not just yet

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It seems that a lot of folks interested in the HTC Droid Incredible want to be able to turn Sense (HTC's custom user interface) on and off at will.  Previous HTC handsets (as recent as the HTC Desire) had the ability to do this pretty easily by erasing Sense as the default and throwing up a choice between Sense or the stock Android home screen after you hit the home button. Not any more...