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The Android Developers Cookbook -- new from InfromIT; we're giving away 5 copies

Jerry Hildenbrand

The Android Developers Cookbook is a great tool to walk you through beginning Android development, and the publishers have sent us five copies to give away to our readers (That's you!).  The authors, James Steele and Nelson To, have experience in programming, are accomplished Android developers, and make the book easy to understand.  Anyone from an absolute beginner to the seasoned...

88 high-risk bugs found in Linux kernel (And why we're not really worried)

Jerry Hildenbrand 5

PC World reports that Coverity (a company that sells software to find code bugs and anomalies  in commercially released software) has found 359 software "defects," 88 of which are critical in the Linux kernel version that runs on the HTC Incredible.  I say they probably didn't find them all.  The Linux kernel -- like all software -- has bugs, some more harmless that others.  What we all...