Australian stores starting to receive Pebble Blue Galaxy S III

While we're currently awaiting the Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S III here in the UK and across Europe, it seems our Australian friends don't have to wait much longer. ​Ausdroid is reporting that various stores they spoke to across Canberra had in stock the missing 16GB Pebble Blue version. 

Optus, Vodafone and Crazy Johns all had stocks, while Telstra and Virgin Mobile were set to receive theirs soon. In the UK, retailers such as Clove Technology originally said they expected to receive the Blue versions from this week. This can only be good news worldwide for any of us that have been holding out waiting for old Pebble Blue. 

If any of you have received notification, or even received yours yet where ever in the world you might be, hit us up in the comments or head on down to the Android Central Forums and show it off. 

Source: Ausdroid

Richard Devine
  • What about the metallic blue. They still refer to it as pebble but its much better the first one. almost charcoal.
  • @richard devine Will the blue one be available all across Europe by the end of this month?
  • Just received my pebble blue from O2 in the UK. Just need to decide do I keep the Pebble Blue or White now :)
  • Can you give your opinion of the pebble blue? Does it look better in person (or more blue, at least)?
  • I just got mine today in Australia ( Dark pebble blue 32gb vodafone) and it feel great and look great in person.
  • Got mine yesterday from Amazon in Germany. But I preordered in April, before it was even announced, so I am probably one of the first. Decided not to go to university yesterday and spent the day with the phone. :D
  • Which Pebble Blue is the final version?
    The original one or the new darker one (which was caught on video, a few days ago?)
  • I think you will find it had more to do with the camera settings on the device taking that video the other day, than any difference in the actual colour of the S3 being filmed. The video stated that it was the Pebble Blue model.
  • the front glass is still black? blah. this is jusf like when htc trys to make a white phone. fail IMO. ill be getting the white. been missing my white e4gt since getting the gnex anyways.
  • IMO,I feel like the front face of the white gives the phone a much more uniform and polished feel. It give it a more expensive feel. Some of the front shots of the blue in the proper light really made it look weird, like a blue colored wire brushed aluminum going across the front of the screen. I figured it would annoyed me when ever my phone was in the sun.
  • That's interesting because I would never buy a phone with anything but a black (or very dark colored front). I always feel like a lighter color around the screen makes the screen look washed out. Having a darker color around the screen makes my eyes focus on the screen more instead of the whole device.
  • The bezel is the same pebble blue as the back of the phone. It is evident on a number of reviews knocking around the web that got hold of the pebble blue device to check out.