AT&T launching or expanding LTE network in nine new markets

New network equipment going live in new markets across the U.S.

As it regularly does, AT&T is keeping us up to date on the rollout status of its LTE network. This week, the carrier is lighting up or expanding its network in 9 different markets, listed below:

Users in the above markets with LTE-capable handsets and the correct provisioning on their account should see the network available starting today. AT&T is likely to keep up this pace throughout 2013 until it hits its goal of blanketing its 3G footprint.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Meanwhile Sprint still has no LTE coverage where I live, the only carrier that doesn't actually. Even MetroPCS has LTE here! So glad I stuck it out with Sprint...
  • So who has more LTE coverage now? Verizon or AT&T?
  • I believe Verizon is still ahead.
  • VZW is still ahead by quite a bit. I've kept track of the rollouts as I'm always open to a different carrier if they offer me what I want. I have to say though,after getting back from a long vacation across the Midwest, I was continually surprised by the 4G reach of VZW. Nothing like having to make a number of quick hotel reservation/cancellation changes in the middle of nowhere (Sterling, CO.) Checking Speedtest showed 25mbps/15mbps! That meant the family could have a nice picnic at a local park instead of having a nasty lunch at the local McDonalds. -Suntan
  • So far everywhere I have visited or gone I have AT&T LTE so it's been pretty good. California and Alabama.
  • Metro pcs lte speeds are lower than sprint wi max so that is no comparison and I'm pretty sure Verizon still smokes everyone on coverage Posted via Android Central App
  • AT&T just rolled out LTE in southeast Missouri where I live a few weeks back......but it doesn't appear that the back hauls have been upgraded. Speeds are about the same as 3g. 1Mb/512Kb on average.
  • And....
    Des Moines still has no LTE from ATT, Sprint, or Tmo.
    Iowa....unLTE country. (except Verizon...which is pretty expensive here)
  • Verizon is pretty expensive everywhere ;)
  • LTE for AT&T has been live in Gallup NM fro about 3 weeks now...great speeds...nice to see them cover my area!!