AT&T Denied Motorola Android Phones

Though Android users don't have the same complaints with AT&T as iPhone users, that may change after the report of AT&T denying Motorola Android phones on their network comes out. By denying Motorola Android devices, the Death Star network is inhibiting their customers from enjoying all the smartphone world has to offer.

MKM Partners analyst Tero Kuittenen reported that AT&T determined that the Motorola Android phones expected to launch on the network were too "out of date" for the quite obviously "cutting edge" product portfolio of AT&T (sarcasm). We think it's a big mistake on AT&T's part because the smartphone world has been expecting a "last hurrah" effort from Motorola and what better network to launch it on than AT&T?

So we guess we can rule out AT&T being a part of Motorola's September 10th Android event. Looking on the bright side, at least this report indirectly gives more credence to a Verizon Motorola Android Phone. Verizon Motorola Sholes for the win!

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Casey Chan
  • att will begin losing a lot of customers if they do not begin to offer phones with android. not all consumers want the iphone or a blackberry or another pda with WM on it, we like android. the android phones rock and att is being stupid to not offer those to customers, some of which have been with them from the cingular days and beyond.
  • Like always AT&T will wait and see how the new technology goes over. There's a good and bad side to this. Bad, you arent the first with the technology. Good, you end up seeing what gliches might exist and if fixes can be developed. There will always be a glich. I think they are just waiting to see how its developed and used before jumping in. I do miss Cingular though...
  • This is how big companies fail, they're complacent with their monopoly like marketshare and are close minded to the competitors that are nibbling right behind. These people haven't learned a thing from the economic recession, diversify your porfolio!
  • I'm switching from AT&T just because they're the only major carrier who doesn't have an android phone(s) in their future.
  • Now repeat after me, AT&T will not release any Android phone as long as they are the exclusive carrier of the iphone. Until that contract has ended, don't expect any Android device to be offered. PERIOD.
  • Verizon FTW ! Bring on the Sholes !
  • "We think it's a big mistake on AT&T's part because the smartphone world has been expecting a "last hurrah" effort from Motorola" Casey are you serious? That's why its a mistake for AT&T? Motorola has been making dated/stagnant smartphone for the last 3-4 years, why do you think anything has changed or that AT&T has something against Android? Come on man....
  • Quite interesting for us in Spain. Here, Telefónica Movistar (O2 owner) is the exclusive carrier for iphone too, and after starting sending HTC Dream (like T-Mobile G1) with Android 1.1 they didn't provide an update. Yes, there's one stupid carrier sending this kind of crap (Android 1.1). The worst is that they're not thinking of provide an update to their customers, they didn't contract the updating feature with HTC and they're not thinking to include another Android-based phone in their cataloge. I'm sure that, at the beginning, Apple wasn't worried about Android, may be they just thought it was a toy for geeks. But when they saw HTC selling 1 million of Magics worldwide, Samsung selling 100.000 galaxies just in Europe, and the Android Market growing faster everyday, they simple take the phone, call the carriers that sells their iPhone, and put it simply for them: "if you sell anything with Android, you can forget about iPhone". AT&T behaviour with Motorola phones and the silly position about Android updates from Movistar are just confirming that Apple is very cared about Android now, and they're moving their pieces, that is, not creating better terminals but blackmailing the carriers. Apple never liked competition.
  • Which phones did Moto bring to ATT? I mean, lets be honest, the only Moto I saw worthwhile is the Sholes. The other couple Android devices were tween crap. Moto has been in a bad period for a while, so why blame ATT. I dont like ATT at all. A garbage carrier in my opinion. But Moto has been even worse. Why defend a phone company simply because they MIGHT have one decent Android phone? As for the comments against Apple, im sure they dont want Android in their market, but every other OS is carried at ATT. Why do you think Apple is demanding no Android? Apple im sure has their eye on Android, but they arent too worried. Apple has too much market share right now, but more importantly, dominates the brain washing, a'hem advertising world. When do people see Android commercials? Oh, and Apple wont take its ball and leave from ATT, as they make way too much money being exclusive there. And money always wins:)
  • @karshp The point is that they pre-aprove the device and now they leave it with nearly no explanation. Same thing like Movistar but Movistar started sending the Dream in april and now, just at the same date AT&T did, they are forgetting everything about Android. What I'm trying to say is that there're two big carriers worldwide not allowing or forgetting Android devices in their cataloge. Both of then have exclusive on the iPhone. It's not a coincidence. ¿No comercials for Android? May be in USA, here Vodafone have TV comercials with HTC Magic, but, the only Apple device that's shown on TV in Spain is the iPhone in Movistar comercials (stupid one, by the way, "now introducing copy and paste"), never even for iPod or Macs. You're right, money always wins, but think about it, now there's competence for iPhone and Jobs is working again. May be he sees what the other people in Apple don't want to see and he's acting in consecuence. Coincidence again?
  • Land of mordor,
    They actually gave an explanation. They said the devices were "out of date." And from what I saw from Moto, I agree. Whats wrong with that? If they brought them a phone like the new Xperia, then they couldnt say that. The 2 big carriers you speak of have about a 50% market share of mobile OS from the iphone. Why not wait until some serious Android hardware comes out before doing that? That hardware is coming out soon, so in the next 6 months, I believe you will see some changes. Because we are talking about mobile phones, I will assume Apple does a decent job marketing over there as you said they do advertise their iphone. Their other products are a moot point for this discussion. The only coincidence I see is that ATT and Apple are making of ton of money. Android is a better OS, and its on its way to the top, but give Apple its due(while you still can:) Im guessing your a good ol conspiracy theorist:) Its always about the money, and when ATT decides Android will make them some serious coin, they are on the bandwagon too. Just a matter of time.
  • @kasrhp well, I think it's not an explanation, it's an excuse. They know what kind of hardware the devices will have one month ago more or less, if they thought it was an "out of date" hardware they didn't even consider them as a possibility. Don't know in the USA, but here the top sellers are the cheap LG, Samsung, Nokia, SE,... iPhone is still an exclusive "thing". Here Apple don't advertise, it's the carrier who does (sorry if I can't explain that clearly before). I think our apreciaton about the mobile os market depends on where we live. There, at USA, iPhone Os have 60% of the market, but worldwide it barely goes up from 40%, at EU is less. Yes, conspiracy theory is fun XD, and yes, it's a matter of time and the time will be when the exclusive contract between Apple and the carriers would end, just sit an see how it's going ;)
  • Att is getting the android phones heres the link.
  • att will get a motorola android phone . what most of you guys are hearing is rumors . one of my lads is a district manager for ATT here in mass, and he told me in detail " uhhmm dont listen to what forums say, most of those people are angry verizon cheerleaders( customers) who will say anything to piss off AT&T customers who repeatedly throw the iphone in there faces when they try to act all cool with the DROID and bb storm , motorla will come to AT&T , they were the ones who approached us to make buisness ( spelled just like that to LOL ) , the motorola BACKFLIP is the phone that is supposed to come late this year (2010) , ill let you know when you can come and pick one up " . thats the text he wrote to me. so idk guys but im going to rather listen to someone who's on the indise rather then playing the telephone game. thers actually ALOT of crazy phones coming out on AT&T , From the new iphone 4g capabale running OS 4.0 , to the blackberry magnum , the att exclusive part of nexus one , to even MAYBE a similar nokia n97 ( there all exclusive to them to ) . shit they DO have the fastest 3g and data speeds ! AT&T is really stepping there game up !. verizon will have to keep on trying ! cheers !