Samsung Galaxy S4

Not that anyone was doubting they would, but AT&T announced their plans to carry the Samsung Galaxy S4. As AT&T reminds us in their press release, they were the first U.S. carrier to get the Samsung Galaxy series, and now just a few short years later we have the fourth iteration of this immensely popular family of devices. Their official page is located here, however it doesn't appear to be up quite yet - attempting to load it will take you to the general Samsung devices page. This will most likely be fixed shortly after this writing.

Jeff Bradley, senior vice president of devices, AT&T says:

AT&T was the first to deliver Samsung’s Galaxy series and we are excited to bring the Galaxy S4 to the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network. We continue to offer our customers a broad choice of devices and features to fit any mobile lifestyle, and look forward to growing our family of Samsung Galaxy devices.  For more information, please visit

For a complete listing of the Galaxy S4's specifications, you can check out the official specs. However, the real draw of this phone is the software, so make sure you see Samsung's latest flagship phone in action by heading over to our hands on reviewThe forums will be hopping for the foreseeable future, so make sure not to miss out on the discussion. See you there!

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