AT&T will also carry the LG G3 Vigor.

After Sprint had announced that it would be offering the mid-range LG G3 Vigor to its network starting Friday, rival AT&T is now announcing its intentions to carry the same smartphone for its network. AT&T's announcement doesn't come with specifics and the carrier says that it will announce pricing and availability at a later date. For now, AT&T is just making its intentions known that it will be offering the attractive mid-range phone that finds its design inspiration from the flagship LG G3.

AT&T says that customers interested in the LG G3 Vigor should visit to learn more.

The LG G3 Vigor is essentially a re-badged LG G3 Beat phone.

Is this a phone you're interested in? Let us know if you'll be waiting for AT&T to launch the Vigor.

Source: AT&T

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