AT&T announces plans to bring LG G3 Vigor to your pockets

After Sprint had announced that it would be offering the mid-range LG G3 Vigor to its network starting Friday, rival AT&T is now announcing its intentions to carry the same smartphone for its network. AT&T's announcement doesn't come with specifics and the carrier says that it will announce pricing and availability at a later date. For now, AT&T is just making its intentions known that it will be offering the attractive mid-range phone that finds its design inspiration from the flagship LG G3.

AT&T says that customers interested in the LG G3 Vigor should visit to learn more.

The LG G3 Vigor is essentially a re-badged LG G3 Beat phone.

Is this a phone you're interested in? Let us know if you'll be waiting for AT&T to launch the Vigor.

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab)

Chuong H Nguyen
  • Att already has 1 lg g3 variant, why get another? Posted via Android Central App on 1+1
  • To sell more to people who think the G3's phablet size is too big and/or don't care about specs? Posted via the Nexus 5
  • It says you can get the LTE G Pad for 99¢ (with new contract) when you buy this phone, but it doesn't say how much the phone will cost. Posted via Android Central App
  • How exciting
  • I am definitely enjoying LG's design language. Posted from my TARDIS!
  • So AT&T now has 3 LG phones ranging from $299-$370 (presuming they'll also sell the Vigor at $299 off contract like Sprint). So you have the Vigor at $299, Vista at $355 and Optimus G Pro at $370. Personally, I'd go for the year old Optimus G. You get way more bang for your buck. The screen is 1080p vs 720p on the others; the camera is 13mp vs 8mp on both; and still a better processor and more ram. Unless you're really against the 5.5" screen, I can see the Vigor being a viable choice, but as long as the Optimus G is sold, I don't understand the point of the Vista. A 5.7" screen with inferior specs that the Optimus G and only saving you $15. OK, I'm done, sorry for the rant.
  • I agree. I use the Sprint Optimus G still. Used my upgrade for the G3. The G3 is an excellent phone but a little big. I see why LG has not paid much attention to upgrading the OG to KitKat because it IS the perfect size phone and screen. Its all about the bottom dollar and not innovation. Phones these days are all about gimmicks not function. Posted via LG G3
  • Try the note, you get both! Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3