Transformer Book Trio

ASUS' latest dockable device boasts dual CPUs and three usage modes

ASUS has announced the latest member of its Transformer family, the Transformer Book Trio, at its pre-Computex press conference in Tapiei. The Trio is a dockable laptop/tablet hybrid device running both Windows 8 and Android "Jelly Bean." To take advantage of both operating systems, the Transformer Book Trio packs two CPUs -- a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 U4500 for Windows and an Atom 2580 for Android. It's also got two banks of storage available -- a 1TB traditional hard drive and 64GB of flash storage. Other notable specs include a 1080p IPS display.

Being a Transformer device, the Trio can be docked and used as a tablet or a laptop. But it also boasts an additional usage mode -- the docking station can be connected to a monitor to create a full desktop PC experience. So it looks like the Atom chip lives in the display, while the Core i7 likely resides in the dock.

No word on pricing or availability just yet, but considering you've essentially got a full-powered laptop PC along with an Android tablet, we imagine the Trio won't come cheap.