ASUS PW100 Qi wireless charger

A quick look at an expensive but capable Qi ​charger

We love us some wireless charging here at Android Central. And so we quickly scooped up the ASUS PW100 after it was announced through a YouTube video

The short, short version? It's a pretty cool stand/charger, but it's expensive. And it only charges the Nexus 7 (2013) horizontally, not vertically. It does, however, work just fine with the Nexus 5, or Nexus 4, or other Qi-compatible devices you've got laying around. And you can charge through cases, which is always good.

But the damned thing costs $90.

A few other quick thoughts on the ASUS PW100:

  • There's no magnet or anything in this charger, so you'll need to not bump things unless you want them to go flying. That's especially true if you're using something other than the Nexus 7 on it.
  • There is a little lip on the front edge, so that helps. But, still, be careful.
  • The PW100 comes with a 2A charger that has the biggest suppression core we've ever seen.
  • The rubber foot does a good job of holding things down on the desk.

And, well, that's that. The ASUS PW100 is a perfectly capable charging stand. But $90? That's definitely a bit much.

If you do want to check it out, however, you can buy the PW100 from Amazon, or try the less expensive ASUS Dock for $49.99.