ASUS Memo Pad HD7

Bumps in CPU, storage, display and camera with the same bargain bin pricing

As part of its Computex 2013 keynote presentation, ASUS rolled out a small but notable update to its recently announced MeMO Pad -- this time adding "HD7" to the name and making important improvements. While it retains much of the same design (and most of the same name), the MeMO Pad HD7 tweaks the design a bit to make it both thinner and lighter than it's predecessor -- down to 10.8mm thick and 302g in weight. On the display side ASUS bumps things to "HD" with a 1280x800 IPS display, up from the original 1024x600 panel.

On the inside, ASUS says the MeMO Pad HD7 is running an ARM Cortex A7 quad-core CPU, but didn't specify a clock speed or manufacturer. It did specify that the tablet will have both Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS, however, along with the addition of stereo speakers and a 5MP rear camera (keeping a 1.2MP shooter up front). Pinning this device at the low-end are some appealing prices too: 16GB for $149, 8GB for $129. The MeMO Pad HD7 will be released in a few different bright color options, with no specific sales dates given at this point.