Transformer Prime

As reports of GPS issues with the ASUS Transformer Prime continue, the manufacturer is turning to a drastic solution to give Prime owners better GPS connectivity. According to an ASUS support representative quoted on XDA, ASUS will soon begin offering a hardware solution, in the form of a "GPS Extension Kit" dongle, which it'll provide for free to all Prime owners. Sure enough, shortly afterwards a corroborating statement appeared on ASUS' VIP member area.

Although the TF201 is not a professional GPS device, as part of our unwavering commitment to our customers we are offering all customers who purchased a TF201 system a free external GPS extension kit called a dongle, which may help improve signal reception and optimize the user experience. We are pleased to announce this offer as part of our commitment to customer service, but it does not replace, alter or amend any existing warranties you may have.

Prime owners can now sign up for the new dongle through the ASUS VIP. For what it's worth, the ASUS rep quoted by XDA says the kit will "will be a flush fit on the bottom of the unit if held in landscape matching the color of your Prime chassis." So no worries about unsightly bulges sticking out of your tablet.

Kudos to ASUS for stepping up to the plate and offering a genuine solution for those affected by these issues, however it's a shame it's taken four months for the real fix to arrive.

Source: LandOfDroid; via: Engadget