ASUS ZenWatch 2

After pretty thoroughly showing off its new ZenWatch 2 at Computex, ASUS is finalizing the launch with pricing, availability and complete specs at IFA 2015. As we saw at its initial unveiling the ZenWatch 2 isn't a dramatic change from the original in terms of design, but there are now two different sizes on offer, better internals and tons of customization options.

We now know complete details for the watches, including a 400 mAh battery for the larger model and 300 mAh on the smaller, as well as proper screen specs — a 1.63-inch 320x320 or 1.45-inch 280x280 AMOLED display. We also now know the watches support Wifi, faster charging (a claim of 50 percent battery in just over 30 minutes) and IP67 water resistance.

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ASUS is also giving our first pricing and availability information at IFA. You'll be able to pick one up starting in October, with prices starting at €149. Specific countries and retailers aren't yet provided, but we can make a pretty safe bet the ZenWatch 2 will arrive in places where the current ZenWatch is already on sale.