Everyone has a story. How they got where they are, and what they want to do next. I have been very lucky to be able to do a lot of wonderful and interesting things in my life, and it's a privilege to be able to write for a living, turning some of those experiences into narratives. And I love talking to the people that make it possible.

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I love hearing from the people that visit this site every day, and there's nothing better than building a relationship out of a community that has been here for a long time. Android Central's forums are vital and alive, and they're full of inquisitive and intelligent people looking for, and offering, thoughtful and intelligent answers every day. I hope I can add a small amount to that general knowledge base. With ☕️ in hand. I drink way too much of it.

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Daniel Bader

Well, I ended up here a little sideways. I love the Canadian mobile market, but it's a bit stale (as I'm sure you know, being Canadian). So I started looking for opportunities to work at a more U.S.-centric publication that also, occasionally, dabbles in Canada. Mobile Nations made a lot of sense because it is a remote company, so you can essentially work from anywhere, which is exactly what I...