It's Cyber Monday everybody, but if you're weary of browsing tech deals, there's some fantastic books to nab. Specifically, The Art of The Last of Us Part 2 is nearly 50% off right now, at just $21 instead of the usual $40 price. Anyone who is a fan of Naughty Dog games, The Last of Us, or just art direction in general needs to take advantage of this discount.

The Last of Us Part 2 is a brutal game that can be tough to get through emotionally but it's also a downright gorgeous title, taking advantage of every last bit of processing power the PS4 could muster. Being able to see the art design that went into sculpting the overgrowth of this green apocalypse and the horrifying mutations of the infected alike is simply fascinating.

Beautiful post-apocalypse

The Art of The Last of Us Part 2

The Art of The Last of Us Part 2

From page to blockbuster

With The Art of The Last of Us Part 2, players can check out the years of design that went into forming the foundation for Ellie's quest of vengeance and the art direction of Naughty Dog's longest game yet. At nearly half-off, this shouldn't be passed up.

Ellie woods The Last of Us Part 2Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

In addition to this must-buy art book, the game itself is also half off in an ongoing sale, if you somehow haven't grabbed one of the PS4's final exclusives. Fellow swan song Ghost of Tsushima is also on sale, so check that out if you're in the mood for a comparatively lighter (but still bloody and gorgeous) samurai adventure. Finally, Sony Santa Monica's 2018 epic God of War and its accompanying art book are both on sale, meaning it's the perfect time to shore up either hole in your library.

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The PS5 is here now, with a year-one library set to include titles like Horizon Forbidden West and the next God of War, so take advantage of these sales and get prepped for the next year of PlayStation!

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