Are you using Substratum themes on your phone?

Towards the end of Summer last year, Substratum was made available for non-rooted Android phones running Oreo and some Samsung phones. Substratum is a theming engine that was previously reserved for devices that had root access, and the expansion of it to phones without root meant that you could now customize just about every aspect of your UI that you wanted without having to tinker too much at all with your handset.

Android Central's Ara Wagoner raved about how much she loved using Substratum shortly after it was released for her Pixel, and now at the beginning of 2018, some of our forum users got to talking about whether or not they'll still theming their devices all these months later.

Here's what they had to say:

Use Substratum swift black theme on my S8 and love it. Taking a break from it right now because I'm doing the Oreo Beta and didn't want to complicate things.

mary beth hale

Using an all-black theme on Android Oreo on my Nokia 8 currently, without the need to root. Absolutely love the aesthetics. As the member above said, it takes Samsung themes to a whole new level by theming out some apps that Samsung themes don't, like Google Voice and Gmail, and even parts of the Google app itself.


I'm using the Swift Black Substratum theme. I'm loving the black Google search on my home screen. I reduced it to a circle.


I just downloaded the Swift Black. I like it! It'll be even better when it supports all of my apps.


What about you – Are you using Substratum themes on your phone?

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