Huawei's presence in the smartphone space remains very uncertain. Unless something drastic changes in the coming weeks, Huawei will lose access to Google apps, services, and Android updates once August rolls around.

While existing Huawei phones will continue to work, the lack of any future updates will gradually turn them into aging bricks as time goes on.

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This leaves current Huawei users in an awkward position, but looking through the AC forums, it would appear that some people are still planning on holding onto their devices.

Scienceguy Labs

Keeping my Mate 20 X for now. Thought about selling it, but with this news, I'd probably be selling at a major loss. Personally, I think that this will all be sorted out over the next few months, and things will be back to normal. But, just in case, I'm researching some potential replacements.


I will be keeping my P30 Pro and I just picked up a OnePlus 7pro as a backup.


Very reluctantly listing it on eBay despite having bought it new from eBay a couple of weeks ago. IF it sells, I'll go back to my Pixel 2.


I'll be clutching my p30s until Google services stop working I don't think that anything coming up will be better than those two phones and I don't foresee that happening for a few more years


What about you? Are you holding on to your Huawei phone?

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