Are you impressed with the Galaxy S21's camera performance?

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. Galaxy S21 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. Galaxy S21 Ultra (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

One of the biggest selling points of the Galaxy S21 series is the camera experience. The S21 and S21+ offer subtle improvements over the same camera package we got on the S20 last year, and with the S21 Ultra, Samsung's gone all-out and delivered one of the best mobile photography solutions we've ever seen.

If you take one look at our Galaxy S21 review and Galaxy S21 Ultra review, you'll see just how good the end results really are. From sharp detail, ample shooting modes, and a ton more, there's plenty to like.

A few of our AC forum members have also been sharing their thoughts on the S21's camera capabilities, saying:

Wanted to show a camera comparison between the same meal taken on my S20 ultra vs S21 ultra. Totally night and day with the auto focus. Will have to play with the settings a bit but love the camera


Uh, WOW! What an enormous difference!


This phone is awesome! Camera is pretty much on par with my iphone 12 and 4a 5g


I feel like a lot of the pictures I'm taking are still a little overexposed. Not sure why... Like they need more contrast. Am I the only one? S21+


Now, we want to hear from you — Are you impressed with the Galaxy S21's camera performance?

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  • one thing that sucks about the S21 cam is pictures blur with even the slightest movement and its blurry garbage.
    stationary objects are good. try getting a Sharp image of a dog or cat that isn't sleeping, it's impossible. i've taken 30 pics of my cat and kept ONE. seriously. not exaggerating.
    the iPhone camera is still better. android camera lag is real, even with the fastest processor in a smart phone.
    Sorry. it just isn't good enough. i keep 1 in 7 shots on samsung and keep 5 out 7 on iPhone 12 mini.... as much as i like my S21 toy, android disappoints as usual.