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If you're an avid Google Photos user, this week certainly wasn't a great one. On November 11, Google announced that it's getting rid of free unlimited backups as of June 2021. Once that time comes, any and all files you upload to Google Photos will count towards your regular storage quota.

All of the photos you have backed up already are just fine, and if you want to keep taking advantage of the free unlimited space right up until June 1, you can do that too. Even so, there's no denying this is a massive change from the Google Photos experience we've been used to for the past few years.

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As you might expect from an announcement like this, it's gotten a lot of people talking in the AC forums.

B. Diddy

Read here: A bummer, but I always wondered when this was going to go away. I imagine part of it is a push to get people to subscribe to Google One plans as well.


Just got notice of this, myself... Very upsetting.


You mean free - Isn't really free? The people want to know...


Now, we want to hear from you — Are you going to keep using Google Photos even without free storage?

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