Are you going to keep using Google Photos even without free storage?

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If you're an avid Google Photos user, this week certainly wasn't a great one. On November 11, Google announced that it's getting rid of free unlimited backups as of June 2021. Once that time comes, any and all files you upload to Google Photos will count towards your regular storage quota.

All of the photos you have backed up already are just fine, and if you want to keep taking advantage of the free unlimited space right up until June 1, you can do that too. Even so, there's no denying this is a massive change from the Google Photos experience we've been used to for the past few years.

As you might expect from an announcement like this, it's gotten a lot of people talking in the AC forums.

Read here: A bummer, but I always wondered when this was going to go away. I imagine part of it is a push to get people to subscribe to Google One plans as well.

B. Diddy

Just got notice of this, myself... Very upsetting.


You mean free - Isn't really free? The people want to know...


Now, we want to hear from you — Are you going to keep using Google Photos even without free storage?

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  • Even if you pay for 100GB plan, you will fill it with photos in 6 months. So, it is probably a good idea to find another service with unlimited photos like Amazon Photos.
  • And I wonder how long Amazon Photos will stay unlimited
  • Unlimited Amazon Photos is free for everyone? Or just those paying $130 for Prime membership?
  • Free unlimited but only as long as you hand over that $12.99 monthly fee for Prime membership. Otherwise you only get 5 GB free. But they do offer plans.
  • Who wouldn't stay? Google alone provide an in-browser editor for desktop Chrome editing that works on *any* Chrome browser. If I have a really good shot I need to know it looks good when edited on a large screen but I don't want the faff of downloading it from Google, editing it and then reuploading it. I can also go through and edit my photos whilst at work which I certainly cannot do on a Mac or with OneDrive.
  • I have been using Google Photos since Picasa days, currently have Google One and a Pixel, so not going anywhere else. I do back up all my photos on SmugMug, though.
  • Not a problem. I pay for 100GB. Enough for me. Nothing is ever free in this world.
  • I'm already on the 200GB plan for the family and more than half of that is already full of original res photos. I'll continue using it like I do now. Delete unnecessary photos and backup everything to one of our portable drives. We'll see how our usage goes then.
  • Still offers great value with it's editing features and ease of use for photo backup. The free unlimited was a huge selling point but buying storage is something many will need to invest in as more is stored on the cloud and it's not that expensive. Google One will hopefully increase in value to make it a no brainier for Google users similar to Amazon shoppers.
  • Given that they recompressed my photos, I never used them. Fortunately, my Synology NAS provides the same service, keeping the files in their original state, and putting them where they're going to wind up anyway.
  • I have not found another photo cloud service like Google Photos. Even iphone users I know use google photos. It is a fantastic app that has kept up with pictures that I forgot I had. I have a Pixel and iphone so it looks like the iPhone pics will count towards the storage. I'm okay with it.
  • Considering Google makes billions upon billions from anonymous user data from Android users paying for storage of photos that have been uploaded and housed for years is a kick in the crotch. I am a Windows user tho and already pay for Office 365 and the 1TB One Drive provides. (same with Amazon Prime) My Samsung syncs very well with One Drive so think I'll just turn off Google Photos @ June of '21. *Too many fingers in my economic pie. What's next FB and Instagram charging users storage space to interact? 😂😂😂 (I don't use either but the premise is similar and how fast would users dry up)