Are Microsoft's Surface Headphones worth the price?

Best answer: Surface Headphones are pricey, but worth it since you're getting more than just a pair of headphones. Plus, they compare well against the other popular choices.

Microsoft: Surface Headphones ($350)

Headphones with added smarts and features.

The thing with the Surface Headphones is that you're not just buying another pair of headphones. You're buying smart headphones with Microsoft's assistant Cortana built right in, along with some other nifty features like touch controls on the sides and even a feature that can amplify external noise, as well as blocking it out entirely.

You're also promised 15 hours battery life with noise cancellation and Cortana turned on, which is enough for a full day's use or pretty much any long haul flight you might find yourself on.

As you can imagine, these features inevitably drive the price up when compared to a regular set of headphones.

A good first impression

The Surface Headphones have left a positive first impression, which you'll see from the video above. They unmistakably fit within Microsoft's Surface range from a style and build quality perspective, and deliver a rich, if somewhat bassy sound.

Importantly, the Surface Headphones tick the boxes you'll be looking for: 20 – 20kHz frequency response, 30db active noise cancellation, a quick recharge time over USB-C, 40mm drivers, and a light 0.64lbs in weight so you can be comfy for longer. The Surface Headphones also work with any platform, be that Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, so long as the device you want to connect to has Bluetooth.

Priced competitively among the competition

The Surface Headphones are pricey, but the price is fair, especially compared to other headphones. For example, the gold standard for these types of headphones right now is the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II which are very similar to the Surface Headphones in a number of ways. Not least that they're priced at $349.

The Bose QC35 also has a built-in assistant, be that Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. They're the closest competition to the Surface Headphones right now and that Microsoft isn't pricing itself out of the market is only a positive step.

Richard Devine