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AR navigation in Google Maps is rolling out to Pixel phones

Google AR preview
Google AR preview (Image credit: Android Central)
  • AR navigation is rolling out for walking directions in Google Maps
  • Previously saw this feature previewed at last year's I/O keynote
  • Feature will be available on Google Pixel phones starting today

Google wants to change the way you use Google Maps on a Pixel, by using the phone's camera and augmented reality to overlay directions and other relevant travel information when you use walking directions. It was something they announced at last year's Google I/O, and more recently we saw the first impressions from users who tested the feature back in February.

Google followed up with the feature at this year's I/O keynote announcing that the feature will go live today on Pixel phones. When you use walking directions in Google Maps, you'll get much more than just a blue dot on a map. You'll also get a camera view of the world around you with directional arrows and street information overlaid on top. Beyond just being cool as heck, the use of AR is designed to deliver more relevant and useful directions — especially for those times you may be exploring a new city that you're not entirely familiar with.

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  • Is this really something we need?
  • I remember having this on my Lumia few years ago, Nokia Lumia lineup was ahead of its time...
  • I loved my Lumia Icon! Those phones were indeed ahead of their time ... so sad ...