YouTube Music and Shorts come together to help you discover and save new tunes

YouTube Music
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What you need to know

  • YouTube introduces a "Sounds from Shorts" playlist for users.
  • This new playlist is created when users "Save" a song included in a YouTube Short.
  • Songs saved to the "Sounds from Shorts" playlist can come from anywhere on YouTube to be used later in a new Short.

YouTube has announced a new way to better connect users with music find through Shorts and Music.

YouTube has introduced "Sounds from Shorts," a new playlist to easily keep track of what sounds you've found through Shorts to create your own small clips. This update, which is currently rolling out, allows YouTube to expand on the already existing feature within YouTube Shorts.

When watching a short with music, users can select the song being used via an icon displayed at the bottom right. Tapping on that with your Android device will send you to a dedicated page for the track.

From there, users can find examples of other shorts using that song, as well as a new "Save" option. Tapping that will save the song in the new "Sounds from Shorts" playlist.

This new playlist resides on both YouTube and YouTube Music. This makes it easy to access the music you discover on YouTube and save it to use later for a new Shorts video. Meanwhile, viewing your playlist through YouTube Music just lets you sit and relax to your saved music.

YouTube says that Sounds on Shorts "allows for users to easily connect with new music they discover on Shorts. No need to switch between platforms because it’s all here, in one place."

YouTube Shorts is the platform's response to TikTok as it looks to reel in more viewers with shorter-length videos, much like its competitor. For Google, YouTube Shorts is aimed at "creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones." Earlier this year, YouTube Shorts was reported to have passed five trillion views in just under two years on the platform, which speaks volumes about its reception with viewers.

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