YouTube rolls out a new way to offer help during health emergencies

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What you need to know

  • YouTube states it has started rolling out a new health-oriented shelf of information when users look up first-aid/emergency help in the U.S.
  • Such information comes from Mass General Brigham and the Mexican Red Cross, as well as the American Health Association.
  • This builds upon YouTube and Google's efforts at bringing more accessible health-related information as it brought Medicaid/Medicare information to Search in 2022.

YouTube is rolling out new ways users can find sources related to health emergencies quickly.

As detailed in a YouTube blog post, the streaming platform is boosting its accessibility experience when searching for step-by-step videos on first-aid and emergency care.

YouTube has partnered with Mass General Brigham and the Mexican Red Cross for content that users can trust, alongside more from other "leading health organizations." Within these "shelves," the platform states that users can scroll through a series of videos related to several first-aid procedures and emergencies. Such emergency-related problems include:

  • CPR
  • Choking/Heimlich
  • Bleeding
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Seizure
  • Opioid overdose

YouTube will now display a shelf of credible health information for those searching for first-aid/emergency information.

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YouTube adds that the content it displays from the organizations will enable users to be "quick" and "actionable" without having to listen to "complex" life-saving instructions.

Additionally, Mass General Brigham is said to be an early tester for YouTube's AI-powered dubbing tool, Aloud. Through this, the organization is said to provide its life-saving content in Spanish, as well. Available first-aid content is taken further as the streaming platform partners with the American Heart Association, which has published a free CPR course.

The course is now available on YouTube in English, but the company is expected to extend this to Spanish-speaking areas in February 2024.

The platform states the new health additions have started rolling out and will be available in the U.S. for English and Spanish speakers.

YouTube is no stranger to an increased focus on health as, in 2022, it expanded access to better healthcare provider information — alongside Google. Both platforms brought easy-to-understand information regarding eligibility and ways to enroll in government programs. Moreover, Medicare and Medicaid information was readily available with phone numbers and hours of service shown prominently, as well.

To expand YouTube's authoritative health content, it's continuing to look for more health experts to make content in more languages and varying backgrounds.

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  • Jia
    YouTube's new health-oriented features could complement initiatives like Pakistan's Ehsaas program, offering a digital platform for users to access step-by-step health information. This aligns with BISP' goal of improving healthcare access, as individuals with health cards can utilize the free health services more effectively through easily accessible instructional content on YouTube.