You can no longer fix Samsung phones at Best Buy

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What you need to know

  • Best Buy is ending its program that allowed Geek Squad to repaid Samsung phones with originial Samsung parts.
  • This means customers can only get Samsung devices repaired as Best Buy if they have a Geek Squad protection and are willing to pay extra for parts replacements.
  • Samsung users are left with slim pickings of repair stores like uBreakiFix with both iFixit and Best Buy no longer offering repairs.

Best buy's Geek Squad is reportedly shutting down its dedicated Samsung repair service at Best Buy stores, according to a recent report by The Verge. Samsung's Authorized Service Provider program (ASP) lets certain Best Buy stores repair phones with original Samsung parts, tools, and training— allowing users to schedule an appointment online to get their phones fixed.

The news trickled down from Geek Squad's Reddit thread, which indicated that Best Buy was canceling the program. 

One of the users on the thread seemed to be taken aback by this and said, "In my precinct, I was the only one disappointed because I really like doing Samsung repairs, while everyone else was happy." 

The user added that they enjoyed being the person who was fully trained to do the SASP repairs and didn't quite understand why Best Buy went ahead with this move since the program was doing so well at their location.

While other employees who were a part of this program really wanted it to end and were surprised how this didn't happen any sooner.

"I managed Geek Squad for close to 3 years and they rolled out Samsung repairs to us like 6 months into me being there. We had still not successfully completed a single repair when I left," another user added.

The publication further states that Best Buy will now only repair a Samsung device  purchased at Best Buy, and only for people who have a Geek Squad Cell Phone Complete Protection insurance and the replacement of any parts within the device would come at an added cost— which could be between $199 or $249.

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In statements sent to the Verge, Samsung and Best Buy did not deny that they were going their separate ways. 

“We’re in discussions with Best Buy to determine how Samsung can best support our customers moving forward,” reads a statement from Samsung head of mobile customer care Mario Renato de Castro, adding that Samsung has “more than 9,000 Samsung Mobile-certified technicians in the U.S. providing walk-in, mail-in and We Come to You van services.”

Katie Klister, Best Buy's spokesperson, said the company is evaluating the best way to support mobile customers with authorized services and repairs. 

“We know how important it is to our customers that we’re there for them with the right services and expertise for their technology, and we’re currently working together with Samsung," Katie added.

According to several reports, Best Buy has taken down the option to repair Samsung phones on its website in the U.S. and only offers Apple repairs. That said, some Best Buy employees were seen putting two and two together on Reddit regarding the end of the Samsung ASP program. 

One employee confirmed 18 days ago, "worth mentioning Samsung also terminated their cell phone repair program with Geek Squad the other day with very little notice or information." 

Another Best Buy employee provided an internal screenshot to The Verge stating that “Samsung ASP is ending in all SASP locations,” directing them to return the parts used for repairing devices.

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With iFixit announcing in May that it would be ending its collaboration with Samsung, which allowed it to distribute OEM parts and repair guides, and now Best Buy following suit, it will become increasingly difficult to find authorized repair stores for when a Samsung device needs fixing. People now have to turn to third-party stores like uBreakiFix, the only ones offering to repair Samsung devices.

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    iFixit and now Best Buy, maybe Samsung plans to ship all of their North American phones in need of repair to South Korea. 😉