WhatsApp may let you pick which third-party chat apps can talk to it

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What you need to know

  • WhatsApp is gearing up to allow users to chat with people on other apps, with details on the upcoming integration and user control revealed in a recent report.
  • The latest WhatsApp beta for Android (version introduces a feature to manage connections with third-party chat apps.
  • WhatsApp is not just offering a simple on/off switch for the integration feature; users will have the ability to choose which apps to link up with through a "Selected apps" option.

WhatsApp is getting ready to let you chat with people on other apps, and a new report reveals how it'll go down and how much control users will get over the upcoming integration.

The newest WhatsApp beta for Android (version introduces a feature to handle third-party chat app connections, as spotted by WABetaInfo. This change is in the works, as Meta aims to adhere to the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). WhatsApp's engineering director, Dick Brouwer, shared details last month on how it would work, suggesting that users will have the option to turn off third-party chats.

Now, it looks like the Meta-owned platform won't just give users the power to toggle the feature on or off but will also allow them to pick and choose which apps they want to link up with. As shown in the screenshot below, there's a "Selected apps" option that likely leads users to the complete list of apps with access to the integration.

Keep in mind that turning off third-party chat support has its limitations. Any ongoing third-party chats will switch to a read-only mode, so users won't be able to send or receive new messages in those conversations. But you can still access and delete these chats whenever you want within WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo also dug up a screen for third-party chats, noting that European users are getting third-party apps as mandated by law. This lines up with WhatsApp's recent notice, confirming the upcoming rollout of the new interoperability feature in the "European Region."

However, we're still in the dark about whether this feature will go global or just stick to the EU. Android Central has reached out to Meta for clarification, and we'll keep you posted with an update once we hear back.

Take note that WhatsApp has to roll out this interoperability before March 6, the day the DMA kicks in. This new feature will let users connect with contacts on various messaging apps, even if those contacts aren't using WhatsApp.

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