WhatsApp's new Secret Code lets you add an extra layer of security for your locked chats

WhatsApp Secret Code
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What you need to know

  • WhatsApp's Chat Lock feature gets additional protection with a new Secret Code feature.
  • Users can set a unique password as an extra layer of privacy for their locked chats.
  • The feature's rollout has already begun and should roll out globally in the coming months.

WhatsApp just added an extra layer of security for its Chat Lock feature, which was launched earlier this year, to keep your sensitive chats private.

In an announcement blog post, WhatsApp has introduced a Secret Code for Chat Lock that appears to be an additional way to protect the chats. The aim is to make it even harder to access the chats if someone gets hands on your phone or whenever you choose to share your phone with your friends, family, or someone else, for that matter.

The earlier released Chat Lock feature on WhatsApp allowed users to lock away their chats with their biometrics or screen pins on iOS and Android devices. The new Secret Code adds an extra layer of privacy since users will be able to set a more personalized, unique password entirely different from their phone's lock screen password. The new Secret Code can also include letters, numbers, symbols, and emojis. 

Additionally, users can lock away their chats permanently from WhatsApp's primary chat list and can only access them when they start typing the secret code in the search bar on top. This isn't a permanent change for WhatsApp, as users can still have the option to showcase in the chat by swiping down on the chat list.

WhatsApp Secret Code

(Image credit: WhatsApp)

Meta-owned WhatsApp also allows users to lock their chats by long pressing on the chat, saving users from digging into their respective chat settings. If you're not too familiar with Chat Lock, here's our quick how-to to get you started using the feature.

WhatsApp mentions that the rollout of the Secret Code has already begun for users starting Thursday, and the feature is expected to roll out to a wide range of audiences across the globe in the coming months. If you are a WhatsApp user, we recommend you stay up-to-date with the version of the app via the Google Play Store.

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