What is Google Chrome Enhanced Safe Browsing?

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What is Google Chrome Enhanced Safe Browsing?

Best answer: Google Chrome Enhanced Safe Browsing is a version of the Google Chrome web browser that provides alerts about potential malware, extensions that could pose a risk, phishing, or sites that are labeled as unsafe. Among the Safe Browsing options, Enhanced Safe Browsing offers the highest level of security. It’s easy to activate for those who want a safer browsing experience.

Setting up Google Chrome Enhance Safe Browsing

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Concerns about malware, phishing, and unsafe websites are prevalent, which means anything you can do to keep yourself safe while browsing the web and prevent malware from being installed onto your computer or mobile device, or your personal and private information from being compromised is welcome. 

Google Chrome Enhanced Safe Browsing provides the highest level of security while surfing the web using the Chrome browser on Android devices, computers, and even for iPhone and iPad.

 It’s simple to set up: open Chrome on the device, go to the Settings menu then Privacy and Security and select Safe Browsing. Once in that menu, select the level of Safe Browsing you want to use. 

There are three options with Google Chrome, one of the best Android browsers: no protection (which might still see Safe Browsing on in Google services like Gmail), Standard protection, and Enhanced protection. Standard protection includes warning about potentially unsafe websites and downloads, the option to be warned about leaked passwords, and the option to send additional information to Google to help improve security for all users. 

Enhanced protection adds even more features to keep you safe online. This includes automatic warnings about potentially risky websites and downloads; automatic warnings if one (or more) of your passwords has been leaked; and automatic sending of information to Google about your online activities, for the purposes of helping Google improve its overall security. 

Additionally, Enhanced protection also includes the inspection of downloads with a warning ahead of time if a file appears to be dangerous. Once a warning is received, you can decide to continue with the download, cancel, or send the file to Google, which will scan it as a secondary security measure. 

For users who value extra security, activating Google Chrome Enhanced Safe Browsing is one of the top Chrome tips and tricks you can use to improve the experience. 

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