Twitter could soon allow Verified Organizations to post job listings on their profiles

Twitter on the Pixel 6
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What you need to know

  • Some Verified Organizations are already able to use the new Twitter Hiring feature.
  • They can list up to five available jobs right on their profiles.
  • Meanwhile, Twitter has created a dedicated handle for Twitter Hiring, which is already live.

Twitter is reportedly testing a new feature that lets verified organizations post their job listings on the social media platform (via TechCrunch).

Early this year, Elon Musk tweeted in reply to a user who asked to make Twitter suitable for dating with relevant features. The response stated, "Interesting idea, maybe jobs too." 

TechCrunch further notes the social media giant had acquired Laskie (back in May) — a startup platform that hires talent. According to Axios, the acquisition has been significant since it was the first deal made after Musk owned Twitter.

According to an app researcher, Nima Owji, he shared the alleged welcome screen of the Twitter Hiring feature, which gave interested users what to expect.

It states, "Twitter Hiring is a free feature for Verified Organizations to post jobs, feature jobs, on your company profile, and attract top talent to your open positions."

It might sound familiar to what we have seen on other apps like LinkedIn; however, engagement could be an interesting aspect to look for with a user base of half a billion on Twitter. The organizations and HR executives are already familiar with posting jobs on the platform through regular tweets, but having a dedicated account could be beneficial while dealing with the authenticity of the job postings.

Additionally, Verified Organizations can add up to five jobs on their company's profiles, wherein all users will be able to see the jobs when they visit their Twitter handles. The feature also involves adding the ability to import jobs to Twitter via an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or XML feed in a hassle-free manner.

TechCrunch notes some Verified Organizations like Workweek (@workweekinc) have already been able to use the featured jobs attached to their Twitter profiles, which sit right beneath the "Following" and "Followers" sections, as seen in the screenshot.

Adam Ryan, the CEO of Workweek, has shared a screenshot addressing the benefits and valuable features of Elon Musk's Twitter. He has further confirmed that Verified Organizations need to pay an additional amount to use the feature other than the $1000 per month they already pay to obtain the "Verified Organizations" badge right next to their accounts.

Meanwhile, Twitter has created a new account dubbed @TwitterHiring, which is already live with the official verified badge that could presumably add the latest updates and features of Twitter Hiring. The launch date of the newest job listings feature is yet to be determined.

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