Spotify tests a new redesign for user profiles following TikTok-style revamp

Spotify play button for playlists
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What you need to know

  • Spotify has started testing a new redesign of user profiles.
  • The change brings a more card-style to user profiles with added information about the person.
  • Spotify has stated that the things it tests may not go live, including this latest profile test.

Spotify has begun testing another change geared toward music discovery and its social experience.

The music streaming service's latest test was spotted by Chris Messina (via TechCrunch). Some of the changes are significant, while others are more akin to social media platforms as Spotify looks to rework this particular section. One of the largest changes proposed in this test sees the platform incorporating a card design to user profiles. Pieces of user information, such as their public playlists and recently listened to artists, are placed in expandable cards with rounded corners.

There is another option at the bottom to view additional cards, which probably breaks down a user's listening habits a bit more. In this current test, tapping this portion doesn't actually give anything more to see with a simple message reading, "busy building more content for you — coming soon."

Spotify has also made interacting with your music a bit easier. If this version goes live for more subscribers, users will be able to create a new playlist from their profile and share each one separately with other people. The company has also added a new follow button for artists directly on your profile to save you some time from having to visit their page directly.

There is also a "discover more features" tab that users can tap on in the app. When doing so, Spotify appears to give a brief overview of something listeners can do on the app for a higher-quality experience. The tab lists things like finding local musical events, inviting others to listen along with you, and creating a Blend playlist.

We start seeing a more "social media-style" change at the very top of the user profile redesign test. The user's profile picture has been shifted off to the right with their name, larger and bold, to its left side. Beneath the name details when the user joined Spotify, similar to what's found on Twitter profiles. The user's followers and how many they are following are also displayed beneath a general location of the person.

Above a user's name is a "what's your vibe for today," which could be something like a Spotify status.

These changes would breathe life into Spotify's account profiles considering they're not really much at the moment. However, TechCrunch received a message from a Spotify spokesperson about the recent test, which reads, "We routinely conduct a number of tests. Some of those tests end up informing our user experience and others serve only as an important learning. We don’t have anything further to share at this time."

These changes could be hit or miss in the end. But Spotify's been quite busy recently with its mobile app with a redesign and a new feature. The music streaming service recently revamped its home screen, bringing in a more TikTok feel with large media cards. There was also the launch of Spotify's AI DJ for Premium subscribers powered by OpenAI technology to understand and provide curated music for users.

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