Spotify may be working on a new 'surprise' way to share your favorite music tracks

Spotify on the Pixel 4 XL.
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What you need to know

  • Spotify may be working on a more fun way to share songs with users.
  • The music platform is testing a new feature that lets users share tracks without unveiling album art.
  • A song can be "wrapped" as a surprise and shared as an Instagram Story.

Spotify is constantly testing new features to keep up with the plethora of music streaming services that are available today across platforms. As spotted by an X user, Spotify is apparently testing a new feature that will turn sharing audio into a fun surprise that users can share with friends and family.

The new feature appears to put a twist on sharing songs from Spotify, as the service will let users "Share it as an audio surprise." The feature was spotted by X user Saadh Jawwadh, who revealed the feature in action when shared on Instagram.

The screenshot by Jawwadh showcases a new share screen on the Spotify app, which mentions "Share it as an audio surprise," with a gift wrap art right under the tagline. It looks like the sharing option is applicable for cross-platforms like Instagram via Stories and Direct Messages.

Jawwadh's screenshot shows them posting the track on Instagram Stories. The process here is similar to sharing a song or playlist on Stories; however, instead of album art, users will only see a gift wrap. Users can unwrap it when clicking "Play on Spotify" under the profile name. It's not clear if this feature will work on other platforms, but it seems likely.

The new functionality might be an exciting way to surprise people with your favorite music. It also allows users to interact with music across platforms, encouraging users to access Spotify more frequently. This is likely a win-win situation for consumers and the music streaming service.

For now, it's not sure if or when Spotify will release this feature, but we may know more soon.

Vishnu Sarangapurkar
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