Spotify could follow YouTube Music with its own Gemini extension

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What you need to know

  • Strings in Google's app point toward the possibility of an upcoming Spotify extension for Gemini.
  • The discovery highlighted two strings: a message informing users that their content is starting and another prompting them to "sign in."
  • YouTube Music recently picked up its Gemini extension, providing users with a host of prompts for Gemini to begin playing their custom playlists or radios.

A discovery in Google's app seemingly points toward the company working on another music-related extension for Gemini.

As spotted in version 15.22.2 of the Google app by Android Authority, a Spotify extension for Gemini might be on the way. The availability of a Spotify extension would (ideally) let users quickly access their created playlists and discover songs, genres, artists, and more.

The app's code isn't extensive, as the dive only uncovered a couple of strings. Firstly, it looks like Gemini will alert users that it's beginning their play session as the string reads "Starting to play on Spotify." This could be the message users see after telling the AI to play a certain song or playlist.

Following that is a string that states "Spotify requires sign-in." A requirement like this isn't anything strange as all of Google's extensions require the user's account before proceeding.

Aside from the light discovery, there wasn't anything else in the Google app's code to give us more to work with. There's hope that the Spotify extension will work on the web and the Android variant of Gemini, but we'll have to wait a while before knowing.

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A couple of weeks ago, YouTube Music picked up a Gemini extension for its web app and on Android. Google highlighted on its support page that users will have access to an array of prompts for the bot for different actions. Users can tell Gemini to find a specific song by a particular artist or start a radio station for a specific genre.

After signing in, your entire YouTube Music library of custom playlists becomes accessible, and you can prompt Gemini to play one.

In other news, Spotify recently detailed a price hike users should prepare for. Beginning in July, consumers who've purchased the Individual Plan will see the price rise by a dollar from $10.99 to $11.99. Moreover, those with Spotify Premium Duo and Spotify Premium Family will experience a sharper increase.

The former will rise by $2 to $16.99, while the former is set to jump by $3 to $19.99.

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