Sony Xperia 10 V is the latest mid-range handset to receive Android 14 update

Sony Xperia 10 V
(Image credit: Sony)

What you need to know

  • Sony Xperia handsets are the latest in the lot to receive the Android 14 update.
  • After Xperia 1V, Sony is rolling out the update to Xperia 10 V.
  • The update brings improvement alongside new features like wallpaper customizations, lock screenshots, and more.

If you are a Sony Xperia 10 V user, you are in for a treat since the company has announced the rollout of the much anticipated Android 14 update. The mid-range handset, launched in June this year, is the second Xperia handset to receive the Android 14 update after Xperia 1 V users got it early this month.

With Android 14, Sony highlights some new and existing features that are available with the update, like the ability to find your Bluetooth-powered earbuds with the Find My Device app. Users can also spot their tablets or Wear OS-powered smartwatches within the revamped app or lock their devices and erase data remotely.

Sony also highlights the ability to send files, documents, and photos between their Xperia 10 V and Windows with Nearby Share. This is a feature that rolled out earlier this year for PCs, and users would also have to install the Nearby Share on their respective computers. The new ability aims to lessen your dependency on cables between devices for transferring such stuff.

There are new shortcut customizations available for users on their lock screen. While Pixel devices are limited to two customizable lock screen shortcuts, Sony is offering at least four of them, all of which are customizable. 

Users will take advantage of large screen real estate and create their preferred lock screen shortcuts like flashlight, Do Not Disturb settings, camera, and wallet, amongst others. Android 14 has a lot of customizable "Wallpaper & Style" features for the lock screen, which are now available for Sony Xperia 10 V users as well.

The Android 14 update also brings neat updates for Game Enhancer, Photo Pro, Video Pro, and external monitor apps for a better entertainment experience on Xperia devices. 

Lastly, according to GSMArena, the said update is bearing the 68.1.A.2.93 version and is rolling out to Xperia 10 V in Europe and the U.K. More regions are expected to join in the coming weeks.

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