Samsung's Theme Park update lets you pick richer Material You colors before Google

The home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • An update rolls in for Samsung's Theme Park module for Galaxy devices.
  • The update brings a customizable color picker which brings richer, bolder colors through saturation options and HEX codes.
  • Google recently teased a change similar to this that may come for Material You on Android 14.

An update has come through for one of Samsung's Good Lock modules, giving users a little more power to showcase themselves. As spotted by XDA Developers, Samsung's Theme Park module received an update, bringing a newly refined, widely customizable color picker to Galaxy phones. Users have the ability to come up with whatever color combination they'd like to adorn their device with.

Color customization is taken a step further as the Theme Park module delivers options to adjust a color's saturation and the ability to use HEX codes to get a bit more precise. It also looks like the update lets users get a little more detailed by deciding on different color combos for light and dark themes.

A showcase of Theme Park's customizable colors for unique design themes on Galaxy devices.

(Image credit: XDA Developers)

Additionally, Theme Park now lets you save these different themes so you can swap them out and return to older ones as you please. Now, you can get a little more creative with bolder colors as, previously, Theme Park didn't allow this level of depth in deciding how your device would look. The colors available prior to this update were complimentary and based on your wallpaper (much like how Material You works).

The "What's New" portion of Theme Park mentions several bug fixes and improvements users can expect alongside the previously mentioned ability to change Color Palette colors. Many of the fixes rolling in are to do with the latest color picker feature to ensure your desired alterations work with the likes of your Galaxy device's keyboard, galleries, home, and quick panel.

Going back to Material You, just last week, the Google Design team posted a quick video teaser about a design language change users may receive in Android 14. The video showcased a much richer, bolder world of colors for Material You. This would do a complete 180 on the more pastel style of the design language present on many Android 13 and 12 phones today.

If you are rocking a Galaxy device, you can download or update the Theme Park module from the Galaxy Store to begin playing with the new features. 

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