Poll: What's your favorite Android keyboard app?

Gboard for Android on a Google Pixel 6
(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

One of the best things about Android is that you can use just about any corresponding app as the default for various functions. Don't like Google Messages? Switch to another messaging app. Don't care for Bixby on your Galaxy smartphone? Change it to Google Assistant. Even something like text input can be changed if you prefer the look and feel of a different keyboard over your phone's default.

That's what today's poll is all about. We want to know which of the best keyboard apps you prefer to use on your Android smartphone.

Here at Android Central, many of us prefer Gboard. It's not perfect, but it has plenty of fun features that make it a joy to use. Emoji Kitchen is easily one of its best features, allowing users to create fun emoji mashups. The app recently enabled custom text stickers to personalize certain messages to friends, and a new split keyboard mode has started appearing for select Gboard beta users.

SwiftKey is another popular keyboard app, and is owned by Microsoft. It's a competent app with themes, integration with Microsoft's Tasks app, and even Cloud Clipboard, so you can copy and paste between devices. It also has a split keyboard mode for users on large-screen devices.

Fleksy refers to itself as an "all-in-one emoji keyboard," with access to millions of GIFs, emoji, animations, and clip art. It also allows for easy customization, smart gestures, and prides itself on privacy, which means everything you type is stored locally on your phone.

Grammarly, the service that helps plenty of people (such as myself) clean up their text, has a keyboard that focuses on doing just that. As you type on your phone, it'll correct errors and suggests changes to improve the sound of your writing. If you want to sound your best when you type, this might be the keyboard for you.

Of course, there are plenty of keyboards out there, and we want to know which one you prefer to use on your Android smartphone. Drop a comment on our Facebook and Twitter accounts to let us know.

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